Father’s death and departure from SBT: psychic makes prediction about Eliana’s troubled phase

Father’s death and departure from SBT: psychic makes prediction about Eliana’s troubled phase
Father’s death and departure from SBT: psychic makes prediction about Eliana’s troubled phase

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02/04/2024 – 16:42

Eliana51, will no longer be part of the staff at SBT shortly. On Monday, the 1st, Silvio Santos’ broadcaster, through an official statement, announced that the presenter will leave the company from June this year, after 15 years. In the note, the SBT team claims that the change occurs so that a new professional phase can begin.

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“After almost 15 years leading a consolidated and highly successful program, Eliana decided that it was time for a new phase with other professional challenges, without ever forgetting the countless days of joy, achievements and learning experienced at the station, so much so that she will continue to be Godmother of the Telethon and makes a point of returning to the station to present the fundraising program for AACD”, she says.

“Both parties rightfully express their mutual gratitude and wish the best for the future. SBT also reinforces its affection and support for the presenter in whatever paths she intends to follow”, concludes the statement.

“Programa da Eliana”, which airs on Sunday afternoons, is the station’s second-leader in terms of audience.

Troubled phase

Eliana is going through a turbulent and changing phase in her life. In addition to his departure from SBT, on March 18th, the communicator’s father, José Bezerra, passed away at the age of 92. With a weakened health condition since 2022, after being the victim of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), the veteran could not resist and died. In 2023, José was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

A This is Peopletarot reader and psychic Val Couto, who is known for making predictions about the lives of celebrities, made an astrological analysis about the current moment and the future of presenter Eliana.

“The year 2024 promises to be full of transformations in the life of presenter Eliana. According to the letters, issues related to justice and legal disputes may arise, possibly related to inheritances. Furthermore, there are signs of a change of broadcaster for the blonde, but the letters suggest that perhaps this is not the ideal time, as they also point to a possible change of city for the presenter”, says the clairvoyant.

“The letters also reveal that Eliana may receive a proposal to remain at SBT, although her essence does not seem to fit with Rede Globo. Even if she ventures into the broadcaster, her stay would be brief if she decides to change. However, it is believed that an advantageous proposal is on the way for Eliana, and her specialized advice can help clarify possible misunderstandings regarding SBT’s departure, as forecasts indicate very attractive proposals”.

“Eliana may have an end to her cycle. In her relationship with her husband there is something that could happen. The month of June, August, is something that wouldn’t be very cool for a presenter either”, concludes Val Couto.

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