Keanu Reeves caught kissing during work break

Keanu Reeves caught kissing during work break
Keanu Reeves caught kissing during work break

The actor Keanu Reeves was caught kissing during a break from filming the comedy Good Fortune, in Los Angeles.

The woman in the photo is the actor’s girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. She has been following the star to support his new work.


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The two have known each other since 2011. Alexandra works as a visual artist. She uses techniques that explore the use of text and language in different media. Highly regarded in the field, she has a series of collaborations with literary pioneers and philosophers on her CV. One of these collaborations was with actor Keanu Reeves. The two released a book together titled Ode to Happiness in 2011. The couple publicly announced their romance in 2019. Today they live together in Los Angeles.

Good Fortune or Good Luck, loosely translated, is directed by Azis Ansari. The comedian makes his directorial debut. He also plays one of the characters, writes the script and produces it.

Plot details are kept secret. The producers say that the story will deal with the effects of the current economy, where many work in the informal economy for passenger transport and food delivery apps like Uber. The cast also features Seth Rogen (Dinheiro Fácil) and Keke Palmer (No! No Look !).

See photos below of Keanu Reeves spotted with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant during a break from filming Good Fortune, in Los Angeles

The actor is working on two films at the moment. The second is a comedy titled Outcome. Jonah Hill directs and acts in the film, which he also wrote alongside screenwriter Ezra Woods.

The story shows Keanu Reeves as the character Reef, a Hollywood actor in decline. To further complicate his life, a mysterious video from the past appears. The revelation forces the character to confront old ghosts, until then hidden in the depths of his memories, and correct mistakes from his previous life. The cast also includes Cameron Diaz (Who will stay with Mary?).

In recent years, actor Keanu Reeves’ career has achieved great success with his portrayal of a gunslinger seeking revenge in John Wick 4. The star and filmmaker Chad Stahelski have already signaled his intention to return for a fifth adventure. to date just over $1 billion dollars.

Watch the John Wick 4 trailer

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