How did Marcos Mion reach his physical peak in middle age, at 44?


Marcos Mion displays physical form

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Defined is not enough. Marcos Mion reached sculptural muscle levels. At 44 years old, the presenter is preparing to star in the film “MMA – My Best Friend”, about fighter Max Machadada. And the challenge was great, not to mention a struggle.

But is it possible to reach physical peak in middle age, as Mion did? “Bodybuilding has its benefits regardless of age, even more so as men from the age of 35 begin to gradually lose testosterone, and this loss complicates the entire process (…) He is a beautiful example that it is never too late to To start, just dedicate yourself to training and nutrition”, says physical trainer Anderson Pontes.


Basically, the older you get, the harder it is to maintain (or try to achieve) body definition. So willpower counts more and more. In an interview with GQ, the presenter reinforced the importance of enjoying following the path, and not just looking for results.

“I live on a diet, but you have to love the process. If you enter just for the result, you won’t be able to handle it. Regularity and consistency are key to sculpting your body. It’s a long and lonely process, a life change,” said Mion.

The training process – whether for strengthening, well-being or bodybuilding, is long-term and must be done respecting each person’s personal limits. One of the secrets, according to physical trainer Anderson Pontes, is discipline. “First of all, start taking a walk, go to the gym and feel the energy in the environment. Have a team of good professionals by your side, such as a personal trainer and nutritionist.”

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Drawing up a strategy, alongside professionals, to achieve a goal, especially in the case of older people, where their metabolism starts to slow down, is essential. Plans vary and may include, in addition to exercises, specific supplementation.

“The presenter, together with his team, used a ‘hard’ strategy with four daily workouts, a restricted diet and supplementation. Remembering that any physical activity needs to be carried out with the guidance of a professional”, said physical trainer Anderson Pontes.

The presenter has used social media to show the results. In a post, Mion says that she has been living this lifestyle for 15 years, and did not imagine reaching the best shape in life, at her current age.

“It’s not easy. In fact, it’s difficult every day. But, as with everything in life, it’s a matter of how much you want.”

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