Eliana was applauded on TV Globo months before leaving SBT

Eliana was applauded on TV Globo months before leaving SBT
Eliana was applauded on TV Globo months before leaving SBT

Eliana took the public by surprise this Monday (1st) when she announced that she was leaving SBT. Almost eight months ago, the blonde took all the nostalgia of the 80s to the stage of “Criança Esperança”, on TV Globo.

A presenter discovered by Silvio Santos made a historic presentation alongside Xuxa Meneghel and Angélica, which has also attracted crowds of fans. The show took place on August 7, and the blonde was applauded by the public.

That day, the trio broke the internet. With choreography worthy of a great show, Angélica was the first to perform with “Vou de Táxi” (1988), then Xuxa sang “Ilariê” (1988) and Eliana the hit “Os dedinhos” (1993).

At the end of the presentation, Eliana spoke about female rivalry. “Our whole lives they tried to make us enemies. They didn’t make it. Instead of rivalry, we opted for friendship and brotherhood, which rhymes with solidarity and sisterhood, a word that means union between women”, she began.

“No more competition. More respect and admiration. We move forward on TV by taxi or by shuttle, we take different routes, but always together. Together we are stronger, because united women can go much further”, he added.

The trio ended the performance by singing along to “Lua de Cristal”, a hit from the 1990 film starring Xuxa and Sérgio Mallandro.


Eliana began her career at the end of the 80s. However, it was in 1991 that she arrived at SBT to lead children’s programs. In her first stint on the channel, Eliana presented content aimed at this audience for seven years.

In 1998, she was hired by TV Record, also to lead children’s programs. However, in 2005, she made a big career change. At the time, she decided to migrate to the adult audience and took on “Tudo É Possível”, which turned out very well.

The following year, Silvio Santos invited her to return to the channel, where she debuted the program that she still runs today. It displays pictures aimed at the whole family, involving service provision and entertainment.

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