You Won’t Believe How Old These Common Items Are

You Won’t Believe How Old These Common Items Are
You Won’t Believe How Old These Common Items Are

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by objects that seem modern or recent, but did you know that many of them have deep historical roots? Here, we list some discoveries Intriguing ideas that show how old some common items really are.

4 common objects you won’t believe when they first appeared

1. Canudos: an invention older than Brazil

Far from being just party accessories, straws have a history that dates back to the ancient Russians, who used them to drink beer. Made from precious metals and discovered in a Russian tomb, these straws were so grand that they were initially mistaken for scepters.

2. Video calls: technology from the last century

Video calling, which seems so contemporary to us, actually dates back to the 1930s, with major advances in the 1950s. In 1964, AT&T introduced the Picturephone, allowing people to see each other while talking. Despite the fascination, the high cost meant that the service was briefly used.

3. Lighters: lighting the way before matches

Although we may consider them a modern invention, lighters came before matches. In 1823, chemist Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner created a method for producing flames that predated the invention of matches by three years, marking the beginning of the era of lighters as we know them.

4. Folding chairs: elegance of the high middle ages

It may be difficult to associate folding chairs with luxury, but they were status symbols in medieval Europe from around AD 600. Found in tombs, such as that of a woman in Bavaria, these chairs indicate that they were not only practical but also items of prestige among the nobility.

These discoveries not only connect us with the past, but also reveal how innovation and utility have roots that span centuries. When looking at the objects around us, it is interesting to think about the long historical journey that many of them took to reach the forms we know today.

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