Eliminated, Pitel exposes Davi’s game on BBB 24 and detonates: ‘Manipulator’

Eliminated, Pitel exposes Davi’s game on BBB 24 and detonates: ‘Manipulator’
Eliminated, Pitel exposes Davi’s game on BBB 24 and detonates: ‘Manipulator’

Eliminated with 82% of the votes, Pitel left BBB 24 this Tuesday (2) already exposing the game’s rivals. One of them, for example, was Davi, who the sister took advantage of to detonate the strategy used by the app driver on the program.

Pitel pointed out that Davi is “manipulative” and explained what he does with allies in the house. “Manipulator. The manipulation he does is implicit. He raises a question and he talks about the idea of ​​the same thing arising in you: ‘Wow, I think that too’. Then it seems like the idea is yours and it wasn’t his head,” she said.

According to her, Davi wanted to get closer to the Fadas group and was stopped by Deniziane. Pitel pointed out that the brother’s approach to Alane and Beatriz came due to the sisters’ interest. “They understand that the boy is big”, she highlighted.

“When Deniziane was there, she didn’t leave it to him. He didn’t have access to Fairies. And look, he negotiated Fadas a lot. He even stabbed Isabelle in the back because he wanted to get into Fadas at all costs. It’s much better to have someone on your side who explodes because they throw him into the fire,” she said.

She also blasted her rivals: “When they started to see that he had a lot of potential to reach the final, they accepted him. Deniziane leaves, makes more space for him. Those girls are prepared, they studied well.”


Pitel was eliminated at Paredão against Alane and Beatriz and lost the chance to compete for the prize of up to R$3 million. There are now eight contestants left on the show with just 14 days to go until the grand finale.

The social worker left the program with 82% of the votes to leave. While Alane got 12.38% and Beatriz 5.34%.

In Tadeu Schmidt’s speech, the presenter spoke about the friendships between Alane and Beatriz, as well as Pitel and Fernanda – who left the program on Sunday (31). He also took the opportunity to praise the personality of the social worker.

“This girl changed into satin and hablou. She managed to be acidic and charming. Critical and very entertaining. Above all, intelligent and insightful, with a lucidity that contrasts with his 24 years. Pitel made accurate readings, got a lot right… not everything, not everything… The biggest mistake she made was when she thought about herself. […] This game gave you a fragility that doesn’t even suit you. The same BBB that shakes the structures also gave you a bucket. Out here, your bucket could be the BBB itself. In the future, when you’re feeling sad, you can enjoy a beautiful walk on the BBB, packed with that affectionate accent, that way of speaking that is so Pitel… As the verses of my favorite song say, I know that life should be much better and it will be “, he said.

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