everything about the chapter for Wednesday, April 3

everything about the chapter for Wednesday, April 3
everything about the chapter for Wednesday, April 3

Do you want to know what will happen in the next chapter of Full of Charm? Check out the summary of what will be shown on the Globo soap opera this Wednesday, April 3, 2024:

Chapter 20 – Tuesday, 04/02/2024

Ricardo Tozzi and Hugo Resende in Cheias de Charme

Máslova and Sônia reinforce their support for the union of Cida and Conrado. Rosário takes CD to Fabian, who is disappointed because she thought he would kiss her; Laércio watches them.

Chayene discovers that Rosário got close to Fabian. Loan shark tells Penha that she discovered the shirt given to him by Sandro was fake.

Fabian goes to Rosário’s room and says he listened to her CD. Rosário sings to Fabian and leaves to deliver food before he tells him what he thinks.

Penha thinks of solutions to pay loan sharks. Ernani advises Cida to go out with Conrado and she becomes reflective. Inácio is chased by mysterious men.

Isadora and Conrado get closer at a nightclub and Brunessa catches them together. Isadora finds Brunessa’s bag strange. Fabian and Rosário sing together.

Inácio arrives at the hospital and visits Romana, who fears that he will be seen by a mysterious group. Isadora daydreams about Conrado.

Man Inácio faints in hospital elevator.

Cheias de Charme is shown by Globe from Monday to Saturday, after Jornal Hoje.

It is worth remembering that the chapters are provided by the broadcaster and can be changed without prior notice.

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