The most anticipated duel of Elas for Elas already has a date to take place


In They for Them, Helena (Isabel Teixeira) and Ísis (Rayssa Bratillieri) never got along. The rich woman has always been Adriana’s (Thalita Carauta) rival and ended up “transferring” her hatred to the veterinarian’s daughter.

Rayssa Brattilieri and Filipe Bragança in Elas por Elas

Because the two enemies will discover that they are sisters in the last chapters of the Globo six plot. With this, the rivalry will become even more intense and Helena will try to put an end to Isis once and for all.

The final clash between Giovanni’s mother and girlfriend (Filipe Bragança) will set fire to the final stretch of the serial written by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson, based on the work of Cassiano Gabus Mendes.

Are Helena and Isis sisters?

Helena and Isis have already clashed several times and made it clear that, despite their rivalry, they both have something in common: an explosive temperament. Because genetics explains this, since both are daughters of Sérgio (Marcos Caruso).

The revelation of kinship will come in the next chapters of Elas por Elas. When the seven friends gather at the house in the mountains to clarify the death of Bruno (Luan Argollo), Natália (Mariana Santos) will remember that she saw Sérgio pushing his brother off the cliff.

The rich guy, of course, will deny that he was there the night Bruno died. With that, Adriana has no other option than to tell everyone that Isis is Sérgio’s daughter and that she was conceived that same night. In other words, the scoundrel lies when he says that she wasn’t there, since Sérgio and Adriana met and spent that night together.

What will Helena do with Isis?

Isabel Teixeira in Elas por Elas

The news falls like a bomb on Helena’s head, who cannot accept the fact that she is the sister of the daughter of her greatest enemy. The vixen, in addition to being worried about the inheritance, also begins to think of a way to get rid of Isis definitively.

Sérgio even tries to convince Helena to forget everything and run away with him, since, at this point in the plot, the villain’s crimes will have already come to light. Helena even agrees to escape, but gives up at the last minute and simply disappears.

Helena will only reappear in the chapter scheduled to air on April 8th. The bandit will kidnap Isis and keep her drugged. Then, she will set up a scene to accuse Isis of having attacked her. As a result, the animal protector ends up being detained.

What happens to Helena at the end of Elas por Elas?

Globo did not release the last three chapters of Elas por Elas. But, it seems that Helena will become even more crazy and trapped, as the police will be on her trail.

In the last chapter, Sérgio and Giovanni will try to stop her once and for all. Helena will be moved by Giovanni’s presence, but will soon become possessed again when she realizes that Marcos (Luan Argollo), her biological son, will also be there. On impulse, she will shoot her own son, but Sérgio will step forward and save the boy’s life.

With this, Helena will kill her own father at the end of Elas por Elas. After that, the criminal will be arrested and must spend the rest of her days in jail.

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