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One thing is certain: Netflix subscribers have reason to celebrate every week, as the platform frequently releases several major releases. And this week, the story will be no different. In the coming days, the streaming giant will have several interesting new features in its catalog, including films, series, documentaries, animations, among other productions.

But, after all, what to watch on Netflix this week that has just started? Well, if you’re always on the hunt for good attractions to check out in Vermelhinha, stay tuned, as we’ve created a list of the 7 hottest productions that will be landing on the service soon. This way, you know all the hot films and series that will come to streaming and stay up to date with everything, all you have to do is choose what to watch first!

Shall we take a look?

7 – Ripley (April 4)

To begin with, this Thursday (4), the Ripley series becomes available on Netflix, which is based on the famous film The Talented Ripley, from 1999, directed by Anthony Minghella. “A con artist enters the world of wealth and privilege by accepting a job in Italy. But, to enjoy the good life, he needs to create a web of lies”, says the attraction’s synopsis.

Created by Steven Zaillian, Ripley It has Andrew Scott, Johnny Flynn, Dakota Fanning, Maurizio Lombardi, among other names, in the main cast. The series should have 8 episodes in total.

6 – Parasyte: The Gray (April 5)

A day later, on Friday (5), the streaming giant presents an adaptation long awaited by anime fans. We are talking about Parasyte: The Graylive-action from the manga series “Parasyte” and the anime of the same name, created by Hitoshi Iwaaki.

With elements of horror, science fiction, drama and action, Parasyte: The Gray has the following synopsis: “Unidentified parasites violently dominate human bodies and gain more and more power. Now, humanity must combat this growing threat.”

The South Korean series features Jeon So-nee, Koo Kyo-hwan and Jung Hyun Lee in the central cast.

5 – Archives of the Inexplicable (April 3)

Now, how about a good dose of mystery to make your week even more intriguing? So, here’s a tip: Aarchives of the Inexplicable premieres this Wednesday (3). As its name suggests, the documentary series presents viewers with shocking and absurd cases, capable of making anyone’s hair stand on end.

“This chilling documentary series investigates mysterious encounters, bizarre disappearances, frightening events and extraordinary phenomena”, reveals the series’ plot. Furthermore, the project explores interviews, witnesses, recordings and archive images that aim to uncover and explain paranormal situations.

4 – The Antisocial Network: From Memes to Chaos (April 5)

Still in the area of ​​documentary works, this week, Netflix will also launch The Antisocial Network: From Memes to Chaosa provocative title that shows how 4chan emerged and developed, one of the most popular sites on the internet that has been the target of several controversies over the years.

“From trolling to conspiracy theories. Understand how an anonymous website turned the world into a giant sphere of disinformation in this documentary”, says the synopsis of the work, which is directed by Giorgio Angelini and Arthur Jones.

3 – Last Night in Soho (April 3)

Do we have horror movie fans here? Well, Netflix also has a little surprise for you this week. It’s the long Last Night in Soho, directed by Edgar Wright, which also features elements of drama and suspense. Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Michael Ajao and Rita Tushingham make up the main cast.

“A young woman passionate about fashion design may mysteriously enter the 1960s, where she meets her idol, a stunning singer. But 1960s London is not what it seems, and time seems to fall apart with dark consequences,” explains the synopsis of production.

2 – Criminals (April 4)

Series fans will have even more options to watch in the coming days, see? For example, the German series Criminals is another project that will soon be in its entirety in the Netflix catalog. Created by Marvin Kren, the work promises to inject a good dose of adrenaline into your week.

“A valuable coin catches the attention of rival gangs in Europe, forcing a retired safecracker and a half-assed gangster to team up for one last heist,” says the story of Criminals.

1 – The Tear Maker (April 4)

However, if you don’t want to watch anything action-related, but rather a light narrative, full of drama and romance, don’t worry, because we have the perfect option. We’re talking about the movie The Tear Makeran Italian work directed by Alessandro Genovesi that should warm hearts.

“Raised in an orphanage and adopted by the same family, Nica and Rigel realize that they have unexpected and irresistible feelings for each other”, says the plot of the project, which features Simone Baldasseroni and Caterina Ferioli in the central roles.

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