Three characters who will have a terrible end in Renascer


The fate of some main characters in Reborn reserves cruel outcomes. At least three names are set to meet a terrible end. Among them, Mariana (Theresa Fonseca), who will have a sad ending after doing a lot of things.

Theresa Fonseca in Renascer

In the remake written by Bruno Luperi, the young woman will have a dramatic end after tormenting the lives of José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) and João Pedro (Juan Paiva), who live in conflict because of her.

The person who will also have a terrible outcome is Egídio (Vladimir Brichta), who will even have his fate traced by Belarmino’s granddaughter (Antonio Calloni) in the final stretch of the plot.

Tião Galinha takes his own life

Hardened by a life of poverty, Tião Galinha (Irandhir Santos) dreams of becoming rich so he can provide the best for his wife, Joana (Alice Carvalho), and children. The only thing he achieves, however, is to be summarily exploited by Egídio.

In an attempt to get rich, the crab catcher even went after José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) to create his own little devil. However, he will do very badly.

At a certain point in the story, Tião Galinha will be unjustly arrested and will not be able to bear such humiliation after suffering aggression in prison. Out of disgust for his suffering life, he will hang himself.

Egidio is murdered

Vladimir Brichta in Renascer

After committing his evil actions even with his own family, Egídio will have the same end as the employee: death. Throughout the series, the villain will continue to be involved in schemes and cruelties, but he will pay dearly.

In the final stretch, Egídio will be mysteriously murdered amidst confusion with José Inocêncio. He will end up being the target of an ambush precisely after leaving the farmer’s property.

Inocêncio, obviously, will become the main suspect for the crime, as the two have always had a great rivalry, but no one will be able to prove anything. The killer, in fact, will be Mariana, who will commit the crime to protect her husband.

Mariana ends up alone and abandoned

After realizing that she really loves José Inocêncio after so long together, Mariana will lose her husband. Very weakened, the farmer will be agonizing on the verge of death after suffering an accident.

Determined to end all his father’s suffering, João Pedro (Juan Paiva) will free his father to die in peace, snatching his machete from the jequitibá. Thus, the girl will be alone, since the boy will be involved with Sandra (Giullia Buscacio), with whom he will be together.

In the last chapter of Renascer, after losing her great love, Mariana will leave the farm once and for all. Alone and bitter with life, she will cross the property’s gate and leave Ilhéus forever.

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