Kate and William are already living in the new house

With the start of the princes’ classes George, Charlotte and Louis, scheduled for early next week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already completed their move from London to Windsor. On Saturday, the 3rd of September, Kate was seen on the streets of Windsor, behind the wheel of her car, apparently happy for this new stage in her family’s life.

Kate is apparently happy for this new stage in her family’s life.

Installed in their new home, Adelaide Cottage, which is located in the woods that surround Windsor Castle, current residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate and William they made the changes quickly, as the house did not require major renovations other than interior and exterior painting.

In the next few days, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be neighbors with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as Harry and Meghan this week they are taking a trip to Europe, making their British home, Frogmore Cottage, also within the protected area of ​​the Windsor Castle woods, their base. Despite a distance of a few minutes on foot between their residences, a meeting between Princes William and Harry and their respective families is not foreseen. The Princess’s Youngest Son Diana and the prince Carlos remains unable to resolve the conflict that opposes him to the British royal family, especially his father and brother.

Adelaide Cottage, the new home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, is just a few minutes’ walk from Windsor Castle

The move of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has a double objective: on the one hand, to be closer to the Queen, with whom they maintain a very close relationship, not only for family reasons but also for work, as they have an increasingly busy official schedule and relevant as long as Elizabeth II, 96 years old, reduced commitments due to poorer health and reduced mobility; on the other hand, to provide their three children, George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, a simpler, frugal life in contact with nature. And above all, achieving greater privacy, which will be a key factor for this change, since in Kensington, where the gardens are largely open to the public, the space they had outdoors ended up becoming less reserved.

With the change of residence, the Dukes achieve the goal of a life more in contact with Nature

With the move, George, Charlotte and also Louis, who will be five years old in April and until now attended a different school from his brothers because of his age, will attend Lambrook School, a school that brings the novelty of having classes on Saturdays.

Kate and William’s three children will attend Lambrook School

Described as modern and welcoming, the institution, which also accepts internal students and allows occasional overnight stays for external students, has a huge outdoor space, just over 16 hectares, with football and rugby fields, a small golf course , space for playing cricket and swimming pool, in addition to providing activities such as diving, cooking and beekeeping. It will cost the Dukes more than €80,000 a year for their three children: approximately €20,800 for the youngest, €30,500 for Charlotte and €33,000 for the oldest.

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