After the death of 9 dogs, snacks factory in Guarulhos is banned

After the death of 9 dogs, snacks factory in Guarulhos is banned
After the death of 9 dogs, snacks factory in Guarulhos is banned

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  • Nine dogs died after eating treats made by Bassar Pet Food
  • Ministry of Agriculture banned the factory, which is located in Guarulhos

O Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map) banned this Friday (09/02/2022), the factory Bassar Industria e Comercio Ltdalocated in Guarulhos. O Map also determined the national collection of all batches of the company’s products, due to the reasoned suspicion of the occurrence of contaminated products.

Preliminary report, from Civil Police of Minas Geraisindicates that the contaminating substance is the ethylene glycol – the same constant in the beers of the backer – in 2020.

Still according to Civil Police of Minas Gerais, through preliminary investigation, are already nine dead dogs after ingesting Bassar snacks with suspected toxic substances. Six deaths occurred in Belo Horizonte, one in Piumhi (MG) and two in São Paulo. There are also reports of animal deaths in seven other states and the Federal District.

THE Civil Police of Minas Geraisnotified the bassarby means of a rogatory letter, to provide clarification on the case.

At first, the products identified with suspected contamination are the Every Day liver flavor (batch 3554) it’s the Dental Care (lot 3467)in addition to Petz Snack Oral Care – manufactured by bassar to the network petz. The collection of the products must be done by the company and the products must be seized in the company’s own warehouses.

The inspection team MAPA Animal Products Inspection Department was at the site this afternoon and interdicted the factory, until all the information required by the inspection is presented.

The measure is preventive and may be changed due to the information that may be obtained from the investigations that are being conducted. O Map already collected the samples of the products, which are being sent to the Federal Agricultural Defense Laboratories of Ministry for analysis.

Symptoms presented

According to the Civil Police of Minas Geraisthe animals presented sudden tiredness, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting and convulsions.

THE Police asks that tutors who have identified the discomfort or need to hospitalize the animals after eating snacks, look for the police taking the product packaging.

What does Bassar say?

Follows note from bassarwhich we transcribe in full:

“THE Bassar Pet Food informs that he sent the products mentioned for analysis in the laboratory at Analytical Quality Center, whose result should be announced in the coming days. As a precaution, the company initiated the withdrawal from the market of the lot 3554 of product Everyday.

The company informs that it has been taking all measures to clarify the fact since the day it received the first report of possible intoxication. THE bassar reinforces that there is no conclusive report on the cause of the dogs’ deaths and is sure of the excellence and safety of its manufacturing processes.

employees of Ministry of Agriculture carried out inspections at the company on different occasions in recent days and attested that the factory complies with all food and production safety standards. The reports of MAP they also prove that there is no contamination in the production line.

The company does not and has never used the ethylene glycol in the manufacture of any of its products. O propylene glycol used is a food additive present in human and animal foods worldwide. THE bassar acquires these inputs from reputable companies duly registered in the MAP”.

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