Juma becomes a jaguar and kills Solano. See exciting scene

Juma (Alanis Guillen) finally became a jaguar in Pantanal and killed Solano (Rafa Sieg). The scene aired in this Thursday’s chapter (22/9), and left viewers thrilled. The name of the soap opera and the character dominated the most talked about topics in the country.

In the scene so awaited by the public, the jaguar girl, seeing that she was close to giving birth, fled the farm towards the tapera. Arriving there, Solano was hiding and took her hostage. However, the killer had no idea what Juma was capable of doing with “grievance” and labor pains.

Juma Marruá Pantanal 1

Juma MarruáPhoto: Globe/Reproduction

Juma Marruá Pantanal

Juma incorporated the jaguar in PantanalPhoto: Globe/Reproduction

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Juma Marruá Solano Pantanal

The killer came to arrest JumaPhoto: Globe/Reproduction

Scene from Pantanal, by Rede GloboJuma-Pantanal-Rede-Globo

Juma kills man to protect his daughter and throws body in the river to be devoured by piranhas: “Unhappy”reproduction

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Juma in PantanalJuma in Pantanal

Character’s hair is iconic Reproduction / Globe


Alanis Guillen’s character turned into a jaguar and attacked the sniper, killing him with his bare hands.

See scene reproduced on Twitter:

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