ChatGPT no longer requires an account to be used


ChatGPT, created by OpenAI and considered the most advanced LLMs (which in free translation is Large Language Model) now no longer requires an account for its users to make their queries. This new “free” model that was adopted opens up possibilities for significant advancement in AI learning

Previously, ChatGPT already had its free version, however, it depended on the creation of an account so that users could use chat with artificial intelligence.

30 Mar

01 Apr

Now, in addition to having a version that does not require a monthly subscription, it will also no longer depend on creating an account to be accessed and this means that less information will be collected about the user. Although, there are limitations imposed for those who choose not to use an account when chatting with AI

Those who choose to use AI without an account will have fewer features than others who already have one. For example, a user who does not have an account will not be able to share chats, save, use more specific prompt instructions, and other functions that depend on an account.

ChatGPT will grow even more

Despite its limitations, the user will still be allowed to deactivate the option to share data from their conversation with the AI ​​and this is a curious decision, after all, ChatGPT is improved based on its interaction data with other users. In other words, while the new feature allows new users to try ChatGPT, it may also not help model artificial intelligence, as it depends on this data.


On the other hand, even with the decision-making power, it is likely that the user will not disable data sharing and this will possibly cause us to see an exponential growth in the power of ChatGPT.

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