Flamengo prepares renewal with Adidas for another 5 years

Flamengo prepares renewal with Adidas for another 5 years
Flamengo prepares renewal with Adidas for another 5 years

Contract for another five years provides for an increase in the fixed value, from R$25 million to R$44 million

Flamengo accepted Adidas’ terms and intends to renew the contract for another five years, that is, until December 2029. In this way, Rubro-Negro is already preparing the link with the German company to be voted on by the club’s Deliberative Council.

According to information from journalist Rodrigo Mattos, Flamengo and Adidas are still negotiating some contractual details, but the possibility of a turnaround has practically been ruled out. Mais Querido aims to take the bond to a vote in April, with fixed values ​​of R$44 million, around R$19 million more than the current contract.

It is worth noting that Flamengo’s biggest profit from the Adidas partnership is in royalties. Currently, Mais Querido’s revenue with the German company is between R$60 and 70 million, as it depends on each season. Rubro-Negro has 35% of the values ​​related to the best piece made by the sports equipment company.


By far, Flamengo has the most valuable uniform in Brazilian football. With the arrival of Zé Delivery in the midlands and the renewal of Banco de Brasília (BRB), Mengão will add R$ 240.1 million. In short, the master sponsor among the nine partners of the red-black club is PixBet, which appears in the center of the uniform.


Pixbet (master): R$85 million/year
Adidas (supplier): R$69 million/year (current)
Mercado Livre (back): R$ 21.5 million/year
Zé Delivery (meião): R$ 10 million
Kwai (mango): R$ 10 million
Assist card (rear bar): R$ 8.5 million
ABC (short): R$7.1 million
Tim (number): R$ 7 million
BRB (shoulder blade): R$50 million
Total: R$240.1 million

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