Coritiba has seen a drop in attendance at the State Championships after five years


O Coritiba took fewer fans to Couto Pereira at the Paraná Championship 2024. When compared to the last edition, there was, on average, a drop of almost five thousand people per game this year.

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In eight games, Coxa took 113,002 fans to Alto da Glória. An average of 14,125 per match. In 2023, the average was 19,087.

Last year, even with one less game, as Coxa was eliminated in the quarter-finals, Couto had more than 20 thousand more fans. In seven games, 133,609 white thighs went to the stadium.

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The best attendance recorded was at Atletiba, in the 10th round, when 22,439 fans occupied the stadium.

The semifinal, when Alviverde was eliminated by Maringá, also had a good number: 22,245. The worst attendance was precisely in the draw with Dogão, in the 9th round, with 8,268 present.

Coritiba’s audience in Paranaense has not fallen since 2019

In constant growth since 2020, the last time the State’s attendance fell was in 2019.

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In 2018, Coxa failed to move up to the First Division and spent the 2019 season in Série B for the second year in a row.

In the State Championship, the average attendance at Couto was 4,464 fans. It was only from 2020, when the club returned to the elite, that fans returned to support Paranaense.

The peak was in 2023, when Alviverde averaged 19,087 per game.

*In 2021, the stadiums had no audience due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coritiba suffered from punishments

Even though relegation in 2023 and poor performance on the field are factors in keeping the club away from the stadium, fans also suffered from punishments.

At the beginning of February, almost two thousand fans were banned from attending football stadiums in punishment for the fight between Coritiba and Cruzeiro fans in the 2023 Brasileirão, in Vila Capanema.

Fans missed three home games: the victory against Andraus and the draws against Maringá and Atletiba. They only returned to Couto in the semi-final, against Operário.

Among those barred were people who had no connection with the fight in Vila. Remember the case here.

Recently, Coxa organizers were prohibited from bringing materials, percussions and flags into the game and the club filed a writ of mandamus for their release.

The Império Alviverde fans, however, are still prevented from entering with identification and the members involved in the Vila fight are prohibited from entering Couto.

See Coxa’s audiences in the State

  • Coritiba x PSTC – 10,264
  • Coritiba x São Joseense – 8,983
  • Coritiba x Operário – 16,066
  • Coritiba x Andraus – 10,118
  • Coritiba x Maringá – 8,268
  • Coritiba x Athletico – 22,439
  • Coritiba x Operário (Quarter-finals): 14,619
  • Coritiba x Maringa (Semifinal): 22,245

Average attendance at Couto in the last 10 years

  • 2024: 14,125
  • 2023: 19,087
  • 2022: 13,719
  • 2021: no fans due to the pandemic
  • 2020: 9,026
  • 2019: 4,464
  • 2018: 6,903
  • 2017: 9,368
  • 2016: 8,887
  • 2015: 9,218
  • 2014: 6,654

*Data computed by the Sr. Goool website

The article is in Portuguese

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