Superliga Playoffs: Easter or April Fools’ Day?

Superliga Playoffs: Easter or April Fools’ Day?
Superliga Playoffs: Easter or April Fools’ Day?

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Did Easter anticipate April Fools’ Day?

The weekend had a bitter taste for Sada/Cruzeiro, Guarulhos and Praia Clube.

Chocolate from Campinas was the most indigestible.

But if there is no lie that lasts forever, there is no truth that does not appear.

The hope of those involved is that every Monday is a second chance.

It is necessary to understand that the only gain in loss is the lesson learned.

The goal of Praia Clube, which was winning 2-0, is to make the players understand and learn from Tainara’s example: the start does not match the playoff.

If Bauru doesn’t care if he stops or moves forward, a possible elimination would be unprecedented among women as the current champion has never fallen in the quarter-finals.

Praia, due to the investment and weight of the shirt, cannot inaugurate the statistics.

A story that Sada/Cruzeiro knows when it fell to the extinct Itapetininga in 2021.

Keeping the necessary comparisons in mind, the current champion finds himself in a similar situation 3 years later.

Sada/Cruzeiro had its day in Campinas in the first match. He was hopelessly defeated in a game of role reversal.


You can’t make any more mistakes.

And neither will Campinas, who cannot run the risk of taking the decision to the third game.

The rivalry between Guarulhos and Minas gained another chapter.

The customer finally broke the taboo after a series of consecutive defeats in a tense game, marked by provocations and arguments on and off the court.

These are ingredients that are part of the playoffs.

Nothing beyond that.

The chance of not meeting Sada/Cruzeiro in the semifinal opens up the unimaginable reality of competing in the final for Minas or Guarulhos, something that completely changes the scenario.

The weight is doubled.

In their case, it is better to carry the weight than to be the weight.

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