Doctor accuses Lula’s son of physical and psychological attacks: ‘he elbowed me in the stomach’

Doctor accuses Lula’s son of physical and psychological attacks: ‘he elbowed me in the stomach’
Doctor accuses Lula’s son of physical and psychological attacks: ‘he elbowed me in the stomach’

A 29-year-old doctor filed a police report online and accused the president’s youngest son Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of physical and psychological attacks. The two maintained a relationship for the last two years, but separated, according to her, after the woman discovered alleged betrayals by Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva, 39 years old. The document cites five accusations against Luís Cláudio (domestic violence, threats, criminal acts, psychological violence against women and insult). Luís Cláudio’s lawyers said the statements were “fanciful” and would ask for compensation for moral damages (read below).

“The attacks are of a physical nature (in which he elbowed me in the stomach during one of the fights at the end of January this year), verbal, psychological and moral, and have intensified over time, putting my integrity at risk. physical and mental,” he declared in the document registered at 3:17 pm this Tuesday, 2, with the Civil Police. The attack allegedly occurred after the woman tried to take the accused’s cell phone.

Lula’s son is the subject of a police report for alleged five crimes Photograph: Ricardo Stuckert / Presidency of the Republic

She also stated that she did not register a case previously because Luís Cláudio had said that nothing would happen because he was the son of the President of the Republic.

“According to the narrative, the victim did not register the police report previously, as the author intimidated her, using the fact that he was the son of the President of the Republic, saying ‘my father will protect me and (you) will lose, I will destroy your soul’ and ‘I’m going to tell everyone that you’re insane, no one will believe you’”, he recorded in the document upon receiving first assistance from the Women’s Police Station in the capital of São Paulo.

According to the police report, Luís Cláudio’s ex-girlfriend said she had been away from work for a month due to “the trauma caused by the attacks”. She also reported having been hospitalized with anxiety attacks and being constantly offended by the accused.

The doctor’s lawyer, Gabriela Schievano Sançanatold the Estadão that the client is shaken and has an anxiety attack about the case. She also mentioned that the client’s initiative serves as an example for other women to increasingly become aware of legislation, such as Maria da Penha Law, and avoid cases of this type. At night, Gabriela and the lawyer Matheus Carloto Cavallini released a note to state that protective measures were determined by the Court “aimed at ensuring the integrity and physical safety” of the doctor.

Wanted, the Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo stated that the 1st Women’s Defense Police Station (DDM), in Cambuci, is investigating the case. “A 29-year-old woman registered a police report against her 39-year-old partner for the crimes of domestic violence, threats, acts of deed, psychological violence against women and injury, this Tuesday (2), by Women’s Police Station Online. The actions would have started in January of this year. The investigations were forwarded to the 1st Police Station for the Defense of Women (DMM), which continues with the investigations with the aim of clarifying the facts”, said the department, in a note.

Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva’s defense stated, in a note, that they were aware of the facts narrated in the police report and classified them as “fantasy”. The defense also says that the accusations fall under the crimes of “slander, insult and defamation” against Luís Cláudio. They do not rule out filing a lawsuit for moral damages against the doctor.

“As Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva’s lawyer, we became aware of the fanciful statements that were said to have been made by the doctor, attributing untrue and fanciful attacks to our client, whose lies fall within the types of crimes of slander, insult and defamation, in addition to respond for compensation for moral damages, reasons for which the relevant legal measures will be taken”, said the lawyer Carmen Silvia Costa Ramos Tannuri.

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