TRE-PR judges a case that could revoke Moro’s mandate this Monday

TRE-PR judges a case that could revoke Moro’s mandate this Monday
TRE-PR judges a case that could revoke Moro’s mandate this Monday

Senator and former Lava Jato judge is accused by PT and PL of slush fund, abuse of economic power and misuse of the media

The TRE-PR (Regional Electoral Court of Paraná) begins this Monday (April 1, 2024) to judge the process that could impeach senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil-PR). The congressman is accused of slush fund, misuse of the media and abuse of economic power.

In total, 3 sessions were reserved for the trial of the former Lava Jato judge. The result should only be released next Monday (April 8, 2024).

Congress, wings of the government and opposition take for granted the revocation of the senator’s mandate. According to the Power360congressmen are also betting on a defeat for the congressman in the event of an appeal at the TSE (Superior Electoral Court).

In total, 7 judges must decide Sergio Moro’s fate in politics. Are they:

  • president – Sigurd Roberto Bengtsson;
  • vice president – Luiz Osório Moraes Panza;
  • effective federal judge – Claudia Cristina Cristofani;
  • effective judge – Anderson Ricardo Fogaça;
  • effective judge – Guilherme Frederico Hernandes Denz;
  • effective lawyer class – Julio Jacob Junior;
  • effective lawyer class – José Rodrigo Sade.

The latter was appointed in February by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), one of Moro’s main enemies. The former judge was responsible for the cases against the PT member in Lava Jato.

In addition to Moro, his substitutes, Luis Felipe Cunha and Ricardo Guerra, could be removed. As a result, new elections must be held for the last seat in Paraná in the Senate.

Dispute for the vacancy

The possible impeachment of Sergio Moro opened a dispute between parties and the race to run for the Senate. PT, PL and Podemos are keeping an eye on the vacancy.

In recent weeks, the senator has been moving in favor of the candidacy of his wife, federal deputy Rosangela Moro (União Brasil-SP). To this end, the congress changed the electoral domicile for the 2nd time – the 1st was in 2022, on the eve of the deadline for candidacies.

The measure caused outrage among PT wings, who turned to the TRE stating that Rosangela committed “electoral fraud” and harms São Paulo residents with the change. The deputy denies the accusations.

The PT members’ appeal also aims to weaken Moro and put a damper on the party’s possible candidacies. The president of the party, Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), and federal deputy Zeca Dirceu (PR) are targeting the vacancy.

In the PL, the dispute is more fierce and the decision must be made by former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Bolsonarist allies defend the name of former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro (PL) for the position, but there is a wing of the local party that wants Paulo Martins, a former deputy who lost to Moro in 2022.

Two other candidates who are on the outside of the race, but who are studying the possibility, are Alvaro Dias (Podemos-PR) and Ricardo Barros (PP-PR). The 1st was already a senator and lost the 2022 re-election to Sergio Moro, his political godson, with whom he broke up after his departure from Podemos. The 2nd was a federal deputy, Minister of Health and currently holds the position of Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services of Paraná.

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