Signs of Fatty Liver You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs of Fatty Liver You Shouldn’t Ignore
Signs of Fatty Liver You Shouldn’t Ignore

Hepatic steatosis, or fatty liver, is often linked to obesity and diabetes. Sometimes it is ‘silent’ which can make diagnosis difficult.

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In obesity and diabetes, hepatic steatosis, also known as fatty liver, is a common condition. This condition is often ‘silent’, which can make it difficult to diagnose. The Healthy website spoke to several doctors to identify some signs you should be aware of. See everything below.

1- Binge eating: “Constantly feeling hungry and having an intense desire for sugar are some of the first symptoms”, reveals doctor Rohit Loomba.

2- Excess abdominal fat: “Visceral fat is a cause for great concern.”

3- Elevated cholesterol: “It’s a strong indicator of what’s happening in the liver.”

4- Type 2 Diabetes: “Monitoring liver health should be an important medical concern.”

5- High blood pressure: “Cardiovascular problems are one of the main complications for those who have this condition.”

6- Family history: “The risk is greater when a family member has the disease.”

7- Persistent fatigue: “It can progress to cirrhosis, which causes symptoms of fatigue and weakness.”

8- Pain on the right side of the abdomen: “This symptom is usually not noticeable unless it is due to fatty liver or cirrhosis.”

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