After ‘Abigail’, Dan Stevens to star in new horror EXORCISM


According to Variety, Dan Stevens (‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’) will be the protagonist of ‘The Ritual‘, new exorcism horror.

Currently in theaters with ‘Abigail‘, the actor is already known by fans of the genre, having participated in films such as ‘The guest‘, ‘Apostle‘, ‘Legion‘, ‘Watched‘ and the next ‘Cuckoo‘.

Al Pacino (‘The Irishman’) will also star in the film.

In the plot…

Based on a true story, the production follows two priests – one who is questioning his faith (Stevens) and one with a troubled past (Pacino) – who must put their differences aside to save a possessed young woman through a series of dangerous exorcism rituals.

The film will tell the true story of Emma Schmidt – one of the most documented exorcism cases in American history.

David Midell will be responsible for management.

Please note that ‘Abigail‘ raised US$10.2 million in its US debut. Despite being below projections, the value surpasses the debut of the last two vampiric releases from Universal PicturesDracula: The Last Voyage of Demeter‘ ($6.5M) and ‘Renfield – Giving Blood for the Boss‘ ($8M).

Internationally,’Abigail‘ adds US$5 milliontotaling a global debut of US$15.2 million.

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Furthermore, the horror received a B+ grade from viewers on CinemaScore and, along with the positive reviews – 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes –, could benefit from good stability on the big screen over the next few weeks.

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In the plot, a gang kidnaps the 12-year-old girl in an attempt to receive a million dollar ransom, but they soon discover their mistake and have to fight for their own lives when they realize that she is a vampire.

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