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It’s like the popular saying goes: lies have short legs, but let’s be honest: some movie characters go too far with them! The protagonist of Confessions of a Teenager in Crisis, played by Lindsay Lohan, for example, met her biggest idol at an exclusive party and even became intimate with the star! Other characters, however, had tragic and harrowing ends like Parasite’s family.

Whether small or problematic, lies create endless webs that contribute to captivating narratives in cinema. That’s why the I love cinema prepared a list of 3 lying characters that we even pretend to believe!

João Grilo (O Auto da Compadecida)

TriStar Pictures

The good humor of countryman João Grilo (Matheus Nachtergaele) from O Auto da Compadecida is a landmark in national literature and cinema. Despite counting on his great companion Chicó to help him cheat, João’s commitment to lying is so different that he even cheated to death!

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Ki-Jung (Parasite)

C.J. Entertainment

Ki-Jung (Park so Dam) is the youngest daughter of Ki-Taek’s family, who, one by one, infiltrate the daily life of a rich family to change the reality they live in. Despite everyone being involved in a long chain of lies, the scene in which Ki-Jung rehearses his character to deceive the Park family has become iconic for film fans.

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Patrick Verona (10 things I hate about you)

Touchstone Pictures

The only way for Cameron to date the girl he likes, Bianca, is to find someone to date her sister, Kat. As his only way out, the boy decides to bribe Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) to flirt with Kat. However, for the plan to be successful, some lies are told and, at some point, the truths are also confused with the lies. But, it’s okay: even the biggest lovers of romantic comedies forgave Patrick Verona’s lies.

  • Where to watch: Disney Plus

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