Plane leaves the runway in bad weather in the North of Rio Grande do Sul


Private jet left the runway in the early afternoon at Erechim airport | REPRODUCTION

A plane scheduled to land at Comandante Kraemer Airport in Erechim, in the north of Rio Grande do Sul, left the runway in the early afternoon of this Tuesday. Images on social media show that the private jet ended up in a field.

According to information released by Erechim City Hall, competent bodies in the municipality were called to support the actions of the firefighters and the Military Brigade. The information shows that the passengers left the aircraft conscious and were taken to medical care. One person was transferred to hospital.

The Erechim press reports that the plane, a Learjet 75, model E49E89, belongs to businessman João Adibe, CEO of the pharmaceutical company Cimed. The aircraft had taken off from Serafin Enoss Bertaso Airport, in Chapecó, in the west of Santa Catarina.

The episode will be investigated by the aeronautical agency (Cenipa) of the Brazilian Air Force. Meteorological causes must certainly be among the priorities of the investigation, since there was bad weather in Alto Uruguai, in the north of Rio Grande do Sul, at the time of the incident.

Although the sun appears in Porto Alegre and in many cities in Rio Grande do Sul, the weather is unstable, as was the forecast, in the North of the state this Tuesday with rain in several places, especially in cities closer to Santa Catherine.

The satellite image from early afternoon this Tuesday showed the Erechim region with a sky covered in clouds due to the action of areas of instability that caused rain in the region. In addition, several locations had visibility restrictions due to fog or mist.


According to data from the automatic station of the National Institute of Meteorology in Erechim, the rain had moderate intensity at times in the early afternoon. Between 12pm and 1pm, the local station recorded 9.6 mm with wind speeds of around 40 km/h in gusts. Between 1pm and 3pm the rain was lighter and accumulated only 2.2 mm over the two hours.

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