In three days, rain in the DF reaches 67% of the total expected for April – News

In three days, rain in the DF reaches 67% of the total expected for April – News
In three days, rain in the DF reaches 67% of the total expected for April – News

Sedes supported 25 people in Água Quente
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In three days, rainfall in the Federal District reached 67% of the total expected for the month, which is 145.2 millimeters (mm). According to Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology), the first days of April recorded 97.6 mm of rain, an average of 32 mm per day — each unit is equivalent to one liter of water per square meter (l/m²). Rain is considered heavy when it falls between 20 mm and 50 mm per day, according to the institute.

This Wednesday (3), Inmet issued a yellow alert indicating potential danger of rain and intense winds in the capital. Some regions of the DF experienced flooding and flash floods. In Água Quente, 25 people were supported with mattresses and blankets provided by Sedes (Secretariat for Social Development).

Civil Defense reported that there are no records of injured people in the region, which suffered from flooding during the early hours of this Tuesday (2). The parking lot at the Fire Department headquarters at SIA (Industry and Supply Sector) was flooded. A video obtained by RECORD shows a “lake” formed at the site with the volume of water.

According to meteorologist Cleber Souza, the forecast is that the rains will continue for the next few days, but will decrease over the weeks. According to the expert, it should occur mainly due to the transition period between the rains and a drier climate, expected between May and June.

What to do during heavy rains?

Civil Defense advises residents to be aware of rising water levels, close doors and windows tightly, turn off electronic devices and not cross flooded streets.

In case of risk of flooding or flash floods, place documents and valuables in tightly closed plastic bags in a protected and easily accessible location, in case you need to leave your home. If water invades your home, immediately move to higher ground and call 193 for help.

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