“Operation Mar de Minas” security belt monitors 731 vessels, 964 vehicles and five aircraft


With a staff of 595 police officers, 217 vehicles, in addition to 11 vessels, a watercraft and an aircraft, the third edition of Operation Mar de Minas ended on Sunday (31/3) and the results were compiled and released this Tuesday ( 2/4) by the Superintendency of Integration and Operational Planning of the State Secretariat of Justice and Public Security (Sejusp), responsible for coordinating activities.

Over the course of 52 days of actions on land, air and water, the security forces and the six institutions involved in Mar de Minas III presented results that reinforce everyone’s commitment to public security in the state. The objective of one of the largest integrated operations ever carried out in the country was to create a security belt in areas surrounded by three Integrated Public Security Regions – Risp’s 6, 7 and 18 – and establish a siege against crime in the Lago de Furnas region – with the cities of Lavras and Divinópolis as focal points.

Operation Mar de Minas ended on Sunday (31/3) and the results were compiled and released this Tuesday (2/4). Credit – Tiago Ciccarini / Sejusp.

Actions in the water are always one of the main focuses of Mar de Minas, due to the river extension and grandeur of the dam. In total, 731 vessels were inspected, of which 75 were notified and 13 were seized. Through inspections, it was possible to find 19 unqualified boat drivers and 11 crossing ferries were notified, as well as a bar and a floating station. The civil aviation inspections, in turn, resulted in 18 locations and six aeronauts being inspected, in addition to five aircraft also being checked.

On dry land, the more than 50 days of operation resulted in 964 vehicles inspected, with a total of ten vehicles seized, eight removed from circulation and two drivers caught without a license on the roads. More than 60 kilos of drugs were seized – including hashish, marijuana, cocaine and crack – as well as synthetic drugs and loló. During Mar de Minas III, 683 adults were arrested/or taken to a Police Station and 45 teenagers were apprehended. An item with a high rate of robberies and thefts, cell phones were also in the police’s sights: 218 devices were seized.

During the actions, 51 firearms were taken from circulation, in addition to 38 bladed weapons and ten simulacra weapons. The crackdown on crime was combined with inspection activities in the areas of taxation, agriculture and the environment. More than 125 thousand animals were inspected and 784 kilos of animal products were seized; around R$1.5 million was also seized and more than 11 thousand volumes of irregular products were taken out of circulation. Thirty Risk and Disaster management actions were carried out by specialized teams from the Military Fire Department. In terms of the environment, there were 50 inspections in total and five activities suspended.

Operation Mar de Minas ended on Sunday (31/3) and the results were compiled and released this Tuesday (2/4). Credit – Tiago Ciccarini / Sejusp.

Mar de Minas III

The third edition of Mar de Minas began on 9/2 and ended on Sunday (31/3), with actions in Capitolio. In the last week of actions, the so-called week D of activities was held, when data was compiled and preventive, repressive and inspection activities were reinforced.

Participating in Operation Mar de Minas III were the State Secretariat of Justice and Public Security (Sejusp), Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG), Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG), Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais (CBMMG), Police Minas Gerais Criminal Court, State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad), Brazilian Navy (MB), Federal Police (PF), Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB), Mineiro Agricultural Institute (IMA) and National Agency of Civil Aviation (Anac).

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