Civil Police action in the North Region results in the arrest of a duo involved in cargo theft and in private prison


April 3, 2024 – 15:15
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An operation by the Civil Police of the State of Ceará (PCCE) focused on complying with temporary arrest and search and seizure warrants against targets involved in major cargo theft and private prison culminated, this Tuesday (02), in the captures of two people, a man and a woman. The police offensive took place in the municipality of Barroquinha, in the Integrated Security Area 14 (AIS 14) of Ceará. Drugs, ammunition, vehicle license plates, a firearm, cell phones, vehicles and paraphernalia for the sale of illicit goods were also seized by investigators.

Early this Tuesday morning (02), police teams from the Judiciary Police Department of the Interior Norte (DPJI-Norte), with support from the Granja Municipal Police Station and the Intelligence Department (DIP) of PCCE, went out into the field to comply with court decisions to the detriment of targets involved in the major theft of cargo, which was stolen at the beginning of this year, in the North region, as well as in private prison. The cargo and vehicle, based on investigations, were valued at just over R$600,000. With the dynamics of the crime and the ongoing investigations and hearings, investigators called for temporary arrest and searches and seizures against these targets.

The first to be arrested was a 22-year-old man with a criminal record for murder, illegal possession of a firearm and crimes against public administration. Nothing illegal was found with him. When moving to the second individual’s property, the civil police did not find the target, but carried out the search and seizure warrant. At the residence, investigators were received by the suspect’s wife, a 36-year-old woman with no criminal record.

In that property, the agents found a vast amount of material. Seized were a pistol with a scratched number, 221 ammunition of different calibers, pistol magazines, two cars, possibly used for criminal practices, cold license plates, as well as 512 grams of marijuana, 850 grams of cocaine, 526 grams of crack , in addition to various paraphernalia for the sale and distribution of the drug.

All the material and woman were taken to the Granja Police Station, where the second suspect’s wife was charged with drug trafficking and illegal possession of a restricted weapon. PCCE continues to carry out investigations with the aim of arresting the other participants in this criminal scheme.

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