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Santa Catarina has 141 companies among the 500 largest in the South Region, according to a survey by Grupo Ajante. According to an analysis by the FIESC Observatory, this share represents R$354.6 billion in net revenue generated in 2022 by these companies. Among the 10 largest in the region, three are from Santa Catarina.

As many companies have not yet released their balance sheets for the 2023 fiscal year, the data refers to 2022. The Ranking was released last October.

Bunge Alimentos maintained its leadership in 2021, followed by BRF, which occupied third place, both in the food sector, and WEG, in fourth place, in the machinery and equipment sector. Among the companies in the study, Santa Catarina has a 37.9% share in net revenue, in relation to industrial companies in the state, ahead of Paraná, which has 36.0%, and Rio Grande do Sul, with 26.2%. %.

Among the Santa Catarina industries in the study, 62% improved their ranking compared to 2021, followed by Rio Grande do Sul, with 55%, and Paraná, with 46%. Of the Santa Catarina companies, Firbal, Ceran and Ventisol rose 91, 83 and 69 positions, respectively.

In addition, 14 industries in the state joined the ranking, belonging to the construction and real estate sectors (4), textile and clothing (2), paper and cellulose (2), plastic and rubber (2), information technology and automation (2 ), automotive and steel (2). In Paraná, 14 companies also entered, and in Rio Grande do Sul, eight.

The state leads in the number of companies in the most varied activities, which represents the strength of its strategic competitiveness. “Santa Catarina’s energy sectors; textile and clothing; construction and real estate are those with the largest number of establishments in the ranking in the South Region, with nine each. In addition to these, six companies are from the machinery and equipment and IT and automation sectors, and four from the paper and cellulose and plastic and rubber industries”, highlighted Mariana Guedes, economist at the Fiesc Observatory.

Unlike the other states in the South Region, the first 10 placed in Santa Catarina’s ranking are from industry – check out the list:

  1. Bunge Alimentos – Gaspar – Food and Beverages
  2. BRF – Concordia – Food and Beverages
  3. WEG – Jaraguá do Sul – Machines and Equipment
  4. Aurora – Chapecó – Production Cooperative
  5. Engie Brasil Energia S/A – Florianópolis – Energia
  6. CGT Eletrosul – Florianópolis – Energy
  7. Tupy – Joinville – Metalúrgica
  8. Celesc – Florianópolis – Energy
  9. Whirlpool – Joinville – Home Appliances
  10. Alfa Agroindustrial Cooperative – Chapecó – Production Cooperative

How the ranking works

The survey of the 500 Largest in the South is the largest regional ranking of companies in Brazil, carried out by Grupo Ajante and PWC Brazil. In the 33rd edition, data from companies in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul were analyzed using 2022 balance sheets, published throughout the first half of this year. For the classification criteria, the Weighted Value of Greatness (VPG) was used, which considers three numbers, which capture 50% of the net equity balance, 40% net revenue and 10% net profit or loss, based on publications in newspapers , internet or sending information spontaneously by companies.

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