Meteor is seen crossing the sky of Santa Catarina

Meteor is seen crossing the sky of Santa Catarina
Meteor is seen crossing the sky of Santa Catarina

On Monday night (1st), residents of Santa Catarina were able to observe a meteor, or rather a shooting star, passing through the sky. The scene, which lasted around four seconds, was recorded by the East camera of the Monte Castelo Monitoring Station, in the North of the State.

It is estimated that the phenomenon occurred over the Joinville region and ended with a small explosion, indicated by the sudden increase in brightness observed at the end of its path. Due to the high altitude at which meteors usually occur, it is believed that the spectacle was visible not only in the state of Santa Catarina, but also in neighboring states.

The monitoring station is operated by Jocimar Justino de Souza, who is part of the BRAMON and GMN networks, dedicated to monitoring and studying meteors. This type of phenomenon not only delights those lucky enough to witness it, but also offers valuable scientific opportunities to better understand the celestial bodies that visit our planet.

Jocimar Justino, commenting on the event, emphasized the importance of public collaboration in meteor science. He reminds us that anyone can contribute to the study of these astronomical phenomena.

See the moment:

Photo: Jocimar Justino de Souza/Reproduction

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