Tiredness hits, backpack tears and devotees who go from MS to SP can only walk 40 km in two days


Long walks on roads without shoulders, the sun shining, heavy rain, weight on your back, hunger, thirst and tiredness. The pilgrimage of Ivanor Tobias da Cruz, 56 years old, has not been easy, however, the devotee of Our Lady of Aparecida remains firm and waiting for the day when he will fulfill his promise and reach the Sanctuary, located in the interior of São Paulo. He left Large field 10 days ago.

Last Sunday (31), Ivanor gained 33 kg in a single day and arrived in Água Clara, in the eastern region of the state. At the time, he said that he had already slept under trees for three days, however, upon arriving in the city, he found a hotel to spend the night, rest his body, have a good breakfast and get a better start to this week.

So, he applied some foam to lighten the Saint’s weight and continued the walk. However, the backpack in which she carries clothes and personal belongings tore. With more weight in his arms, his body “felt it” and Ivanor then walked less, covering 40 km in two days.

“I arrived last night, 40 km after Clear water, at a point called Pombo. I was very well received there, thank God. They gave me a mattress to sleep on and I rested so I could leave early, four or five in the morning, and get to another place where I could sleep. The only problem is that the things I carry are heavy, but everything will be fine”, he told MediaMORE.

Previously with a backpack, Ivanor got a suitcase to continue his journey. “They brought me a rolling cart, which is better than the suitcase. Now I think it’s better and I can’t be without things. There is medicine, a flashlight and other things besides clothes, which you need, you have to have. It felt much better with the suitcase”, he commented, before continuing his journey this Wednesday (3).

Accompanied by the Saint, Ivanor said that he has made many friends and is grateful for the kindness of truck drivers, police officers and everyone he meets along the way who help him. “They pass by me, take a photo, pay for lunch and dinner, I just have to say thank you. There are only one or two who don’t respect us on the road, where there are no shoulders, but that’s a minimal thing. Most people help a lot, they are supportive,” he concluded.

See Ivanor’s trajectory here:

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Some people the devotee met along the way:

(Ivanor Tobias/Personal Archive)
(Ivanor Tobias/Personal Archive)
(Ivanor Tobias/Personal Archive)
(Ivanor Tobias/Personal Archive)

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