Inmate in Easter ‘outing’ is arrested after stabbing brother in Boa Vista

Photo: Disclosure/PCRR

Investigators from the PCRR (Civil Police of Roraima), stationed at the DGH (DGH General Homicide Police Station), arrested red-handed, this Tuesday, the 2nd, the re-educated JCM, aged 30, who was authorized to temporarily leave Easter of the State Prison System.

The case occurred at 5 am this Tuesday, in Bairro Pintolândia, when JCM, stabbed the victim several times, his brother, 46-year-old JJC.

The director of the DHPP (Department of Homicide and Personal Protection), Marcio Amorim, who is responsible for the DGH, explained that JCM sought out his brother because the victim had reported the suspect to the Police, a fact that led to his arrest for drug trafficking, in 2021.

“He went to his brother’s house, knocked on the door and the victim, when he opened it to see who it was, was surprised to see him, as he didn’t know he had temporary leave permission. That was when JCM stabbed him several times with a knife in the chest area. The victim managed to close the door and trap his brother JCM’s hand. This was how the victim managed to escape death, being rescued and taken to the General Hospital of Roraima”, narrated the delegate.

After due diligence, the DGH team of investigators managed to locate and arrest JCM in the act. The police officers’ action was followed by students on the Training Course for the position of Police Officer, who are interning at DGH.

At the police station, the suspect reported that he had stabbed his brother “to defend himself”, after they had argued, but that he did not intend to kill him.

At the end of the interrogation, police chief Márcio Amorim drew up the APF (Affidavit of Arrest in Flagrante) against JCM, for attempted qualified murder.

After undergoing examinations at the IML (Institute of Forensic Medicine), JCM was handed over to the Civil Police Custody and underwent a Custody hearing this Wednesday, 3rd.

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