servers will use body cameras in environmental inspection


Like the Civil and Military police, the State Environmental Institute (Inea) began, this Monday (1st), the use of 96 portable body cameras and vehicle GPS for environmental inspection activities in the state. The total investment value is R$1.2 million. The contract provides for 142 cameras. The equipment will be used by agents from Inea’s Post-license and Inspection department, in addition to the organization’s eight regional superintendencies.

Governor Cláudio Castro said that “this action of placing cameras in Inea is to protect the good public servant and the citizen. The employees who go there to carry out inspections and improve the environment in our state will also be inspected. Transparency in public action is fundamental. Technology, transparency and good methods are a path of no return”, he assessed.

Environmental inspection actions, following the implementation of cameras, can be monitored in real time by Inea’s internal affairs department, presidency and boards, with access via Web Browser by the manager online. The service will also include image storage: one year for recordings marked as incidents and 60 days for routine image captures. Operations considered sensitive will have permanent storage of images.

The Secretary of State for Environment and Sustainability, Bernardo Rossi said that “the initiative marks a very important step for Inea, as tools like this emerge to ensure more transparency and effectiveness in environmental inspections. This investment also demonstrates the State government’s commitment to protecting our natural heritage, in addition to its commitment to promoting sustainability in a responsible, integral manner and in accordance with current legislation,” he explained.

The president of Inea, Renato Jordão, recalled that 72 cameras will be distributed throughout the State of Rio and 24 of them will be located in the capital. “With transparency, responsibility and dedication, we are building a more sustainable future for the next generations.”

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