Video: Man throws 10 scorpions at health center employees after getting angry with the service


Man throws scorpions at health center employees after getting angry with the service; watch (Reproduction/g1)

A 40-year-old man threw ten scorpions at the employees of the health center in Santo Antônio do Aracanguá (SP), on Monday afternoon (1st), after becoming irritated with the service. Security cameras at the site recorded the moment and showed the receptionists’ despair when they saw the animals. The police were called by the team and a police report was registered.

According to SBT News, the man had gone to the health center because he was stung by scorpions. In the recorded images, it is possible to see him approaching the counter and making first contact with the employees. Shortly afterwards, he took a box and threw the live animals towards the attendants, who were scared but managed to kill them.

Despite the confusion, the man’s hospital record was filled out and care was not interrupted. Nobody was injured. He left after two hours, without respecting the observation time established by the doctor, upon noticing the presence of the police requested by the other workers.

Eva Aparecida de Oliveira Gomes, nurse responsible for the health center, detailed the episode to g1. “It was all very fast. He came to us, said he was stung by a scorpion and then threw the animals at them. He got nervous and said he had to speed up the service. Then, we took him inside and took him for treatment. A blockade was made and he was asked to stay in the unit for six hours, but he stayed for two and ran away.”he stated.

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In the “Meeting with Patrícia Poeta” this Wednesday (3), nursing assistant Carla Cristina Pereira pointed out what the man’s motivation would have been. “I believe he played the scorpions, because when he arrived at reception, the service was quick. But I believe he was in pain. We have glass protection that sometimes makes it difficult for us to hear the patient speak”she explained.

“My friend, who is a receptionist, asked him his date of birth and she didn’t understand. She asked again and that was when he changed and said: ‘I’m here because of this’. It was the time he opened the box that had several scorpions in it, and threw it at us. There were several people at the reception waiting for medical attention, and they had children. So immediately, I thought about killing them.”added Carla.

Man throws scorpions at employees after getting angry with customer service (Photo: Reproduction/Personal Archive)

A police report was registered with the Civil Police, which opened an investigation and should hear the man in the coming days. For now, agents are trying to identify the individual to clarify the causes of the attack. He could face criminal charges for attempting to kill public servants.

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