Notary offices launch electronic authorization for organ donation


Notary offices across the country launched this Tuesday (2) an electronic document that will allow citizens who want to be organ donors to make their wishes official. The initiative was announced by the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and the Colégio Notarial do Brasil, through the campaign One Heart: Be Life in Someone’s Life.

From now on, anyone who wishes to become an organ donor will be able to fill out the Electronic Organ Donation Authorization (AEDO) at any of the 8,300 notary offices in the country. Issuance is free.

Authorizations will be available in an electronic system and can be accessed by health professionals to confirm the wishes of the deceased.

Citizens may authorize the donation of the following organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, intestine, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, skin and skeletal muscle.

Anyone interested in electronic authorization can access the AEDO website and fill out an electronic form, which will be sent to the selected registry office at the time of access. Next, a date will be scheduled by the registry office for a video conference, in which the citizen will be identified and must sign the document electronically.

After the request has been processed, the document will be stored in the National Transplant System and can be accessed at the time of the donor’s death.

The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, participated in the campaign launch event. For the minister, the initiative will favor organ donation in Brazil. According to Nísia, organ donations made 9.2 thousand transplants possible in the country in 2023. The number represents an increase of 13% compared to 2022.

“I am sure that we will contribute a lot to increase the number of donors. Many lives are saved with our individual donation. I am an enthusiast of organ donation and blood donation. Brazil is a reference in this sense”, she concluded.

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