Government of MG announces R$ 20 million to regularize 34 thousand properties in the state

Government of MG announces R$ 20 million to regularize 34 thousand properties in the state
Government of MG announces R$ 20 million to regularize 34 thousand properties in the state

The Government of Minas announced, this Tuesday (2), the transfer of R$ 20 million to facilitate the regularization of 34 thousand properties throughout the state. The investment will be made by the State Secretariat for Economic Development (Headquarters) in 29 municipalities, through the Minas Reurb Program.

“Land regularization is of fundamental importance for our economy to advance. It is through regularization that we will have people able to access credit lines”, said governor Romeu Zema (Novo), in a ceremony in the Administrative City.

“I’ve seen people say: ‘I took out a loan because I could prove to the bank that I was the owner. Before, I didn’t have the means’. People who sell property for a much higher value and can invest elsewhere and all of this comes through land regularization that has remained dormant in the state for more than 10 years”, he said.

According to the Secretary of State for Economic Development, Fernando Passalio, the program will not cover properties that were invaded and subsequently occupied, but those whose owners did not have the opportunity to bring their documentation up to date.

“Minas Reurb is an urban land regularization program. It is estimated that, in half of the state of Minas, people live in the house, but do not have the house registered. This causes several difficulties. In Minas Gerais, we have municipalities that do not have a property, nor the city hall, with a property title. It’s a very serious situation, these are people who are invisible to housing policy,” he said.

Among the municipalities covered are 14 cities in the Vale do Jequitinhonha region, the region with the lowest human development index in the state, with many properties that do not have regularization. In greater BH, Caeté and Sabará are among the Minas Gerais municipalities covered.

Check the list of municipalities served:

  1. Araguari
  2. Flag
  3. Caeté
  4. Camanducaia
  5. General Fields
  6. Caraí
  7. Carandaí
  8. Catuji
  9. Divisópolis
  10. Felisburg
  11. Hyacinth
  12. Jequitinhonha
  13. Joaíma
  14. Jordan
  15. Monjolos
  16. New East of Minas
  17. Ouro Verde de Minas
  18. Father Paradise
  19. Palmópolis
  20. Patos de Minas
  21. Blue stone
  22. Pompey
  23. Prado River
  24. Rio Pardo de Minas
  25. Ruby
  26. Sabará
  27. Divide Leap
  28. Santa Maria do Salto
  29. Santo Antônio do Jacinto

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