What Porsche driver involved in fatal accident said in statement to police

What Porsche driver involved in fatal accident said in statement to police
What Porsche driver involved in fatal accident said in statement to police

Video shows the moment Porsche crashes into an app driver’s car in SP

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The entrepreneur Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filhoaged 24, stated that drove Porsche “slightly above” the speed limit of Avenida Salim Farah Maluf when he hit the back of a Renault Sandero, causing death of app driver Ornaldo da Silva Viana, aged 52in the early hours of Sunday, 31. The road limit is 50 km/h. He denied that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The businessman’s statements are contained in the statement given to the Civil Police to which the Estadão had access. He presented himself on Monday, the 1st, at the police station investigating the case, almost 40 hours after the accident. The São Paulo Court denied the arrest request made by the Civil Police.

Andrade Filho did not determine his speed. “It was a little above the permitted limit, however, it wasn’t much above either,” he said, without giving numbers.

High speed is the aspect used by the delegate to characterize possible intent. The businessman was charged with bodily harm to his colleague who was in the passenger seat, in the luxury car and fleeing the scene of the accident, without providing assistance to the victims.

His defense, in a note signed by lawyers Carine Acardo Garcia and Merhy Daychoum, stated that the accident was a “fatality”.

In his statement, Andrade Filho told the police that he arrived at a poker club on Rua Marechal Barbacena, in Tatuapé, around 11pm on Saturday. He was accompanied by a 22-year-old friend.

Justice denies arrest of Porsche driver who hit Sandero and caused the death of a man in SP.

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He also said that his friend drank alcohol, but was not driving. According to his report, he and his colleague stayed there until 2am on Sunday and left.

On the way to his friend’s house, Andrade Filho reported that he was driving his Porsche along Avenida Salim Farah Maluf, towards Radial Leste, when he “saw the brake light of a vehicle in front come on and when he tried to avoid it”, he collided with it.

According to a report made by witnesses to the Civil Police, the businessman in the luxury car was traveling at high speed along the avenue. When overtaking, he would have lost control of the Porsche and crashed into the back of the white Sandero. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the Civil Police.

From the images, it is possible to see the violence of the collision, which took both cars to the avenue. One of them hits the light pole, which causes an immediate loss of electricity in the block.

The driver of the luxury car stated that he “blacked out” and said that he only regained consciousness after waking up lying on the avenue. He later said that he saw his uncle and mother there.

After the collision, app driver Ornaldo Viana was taken to Tatuapé Municipal Hospital, suffering from cardiorespiratory arrest. The medical team tried to revive him, without success. The worker died because of “multiple traumas”.

Driver says police authorized him to go to hospital

The Civil Police are also investigating the reasons why the military police officers who responded to the incident released the businessman, who presented himself almost 40 hours after the incident.

In the incident report, police officers who responded to the case state that Andrade Filho’s mother attended the scene and said she would take her son to Hospital São Luiz, in Ibirapuera, south zone, to treat a wound in the mouth. When the agents went to the hospital to take a breathalyzer test and collect their version of the accident, they found neither of them.

The businessman denied the PM’s version that he had fled the scene of the accident. He said he was the “last to leave the scene with his mother” and that his friend and Ornaldo had already been rescued.

According to Andrade Filho, because he “felt a lot of pain”, the military police authorized his mother to take him to a hospital to be treated. In a signed note, lawyers Carine Acardo Garcia and Merhy Daychoum denied that their client had fled the scene of the accident and stated that he was merely “protecting himself from lynching.”

In his statement, the businessman admitted that he did not go to any hospital because his mother started receiving “threats on her cell phone”. He stated that he did not see the threats because his mother had not let him see the messages.

Ombudsman Claudio Silva told the Estadão that the Civil Police Ombudsman’s Office contacted the Military Police Internal Affairs Office to investigate the conduct of the agents.

The ministry states that it will analyze the “dynamics of the occurrence to identify any errors in operational procedures”. The secretariat did not specify how long it took between the PM’s arrival at the scene and the incident being recorded.

‘My father didn’t deserve this cruelty’, says the victim’s son

App driver Ornaldo Viana was laid to rest and buried on Monday afternoon at the Bonsucesso Cemetery, in Guarulhos, Greater São Paulo. “My father didn’t deserve this cruelty,” says the victim’s son, Lucas Morais, 28, who has the same occupation as his father.

Viana was born in Codó, Maranhão, and currently lived in Guarulhos. Father of three children, the driver was an evangelical member of the UCKG (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God). He was the playful, outgoing, easy-to-laugh type, according to his friends.

The pain of loss gives way to indignation. “Why didn’t they do the breathalyzer? Why did they release him (the driver of the Porsche)? I don’t understand much about the law, but they can’t release anyone after an accident like that,” Lucas told Estadão.

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