PF identifies illegal trade in electronics with movements above R$5 million in SC


The Federal Police launched an operation this Tuesday (2), in Laguna, in the south of Santa Catarina, with the aim of combating the sale of electronic products over the internet. During the investigations, four search and seizure warrants were executed and suspicious financial movements worth more than R$5 million were identified.

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The devices would have been brought into the country by embezzlement, without paying due legal taxes. According to the PF, this amount could generate at least R$1 million in taxes owed and not paid to public coffers.

With the support of the Federal Revenue, investigations concluded that four suspects were carrying out illegal trade in goods, mainly cell phones, through digital platforms. According to the PF, the group operated in the southern coast region of Santa Catarina.

Those investigated may be held liable for the crime of embezzlement, with a penalty of up to five years in prison.

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