‘My Cell Phone’: find out how to register in a system that facilitates the recovery of stolen devices – Security

‘My Cell Phone’: find out how to register in a system that facilitates the recovery of stolen devices – Security
‘My Cell Phone’: find out how to register in a system that facilitates the recovery of stolen devices – Security

The Government of Ceará launched, this Tuesday (2), the tool “My phone”in which owners of telephone devices and tablets can link the asset to their name and facilitate the work of security forces in recovery and return of stolen devices and stolen in the State.

The system is already in operation and has the citizen collaborationwho must register on the initiative’s website, and provide personal data and device information, such as the International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI). (Find out how to register below).

How to register with ‘My Cell Phone’

  • Enter the website meucelular.sspds.ce.gov.br;
  • If this is the first access, the user must click on “Request Access” and provide the CPF number;
  • Then, fill out the form with some personal information, such as full name, ID, address, etc.;
  • Then, the system will validate the account using the email provided by the user and request the creation of a password;
  • With the account already created, it is possible to register the cell phone or tablet, providing data such as manufacturer, model and IMEI — this can be consulted by typing *#06# on your smartphone.

So, in case of theft or theft, the user can enter the platform and create a pre-alert, who will notify the Police of the crime. It is possible to register more than one device per person.

It is important to emphasize that the victim must register a Police report about the crime, up to 72 hoursso that, finally, the authorities begin investigations to recover the property.

With the confirmation of the alert, the stolen or stolen device becomes included in the system as such, facilitating the work of security agents, who will be able to check the status of items found or seized during police raids.

In addition to cell phones that still need to be registered by citizens, the platform’s system already has information on stolen or stolen items, whose owners registered police reports and included the IMEIs in the report, from 2023 until now.

For the holder of the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), Samuel Elânio, the program, the result of a partnership between Pasta, the Court of Justice of Ceará (ECJ) and the Public Ministry of the State of Ceará (MPCE), he must reduce the number of thefts and robberies of cell phones and tablets in the State.

“We believe that this type of work together, in this partnership between institutions, will bring important results in reducing Violent Crimes Against Property (CVP), and, at the same time, we will be able to bring a greater sense of security. ”

Samuel Elanio

Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense

Initiative should reduce interception

The secretary believes that the program should provoke reduction of interception of these devices stolen or stolen by third parties, as the illegal origin of the transaction can be traced by the authorities. The opinion is reinforced by the government Elmano de Freitas (PT).

We have thousands and thousands of stolen and stolen cell phones. In Ceará, we are talking about much more than 20 thousand. And the fact is that this cell phone is back on the market. There are people who acquire this cell phone from someone who stole it or steal it and try to resell it. […] And the person who buys this cell phone, most of the time, doesn’t know if it was the result of a robbery.”

Elmano de Freitas

Governor of Ceará

In parallel with the launch of the platform, the Civil Police launched, this Tuesday, the “Operation My Cell Phone”, which consists of triggering text messages for cell phones that are restricted due to robbery, theft or loss, informing that they are in a suspicious situation. The aim of the authority is to encourage the user to look for a police station, where it will be checked whether the device belongs to another person, if so, the necessary procedures will be carried out to remove it. return of the good.

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