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Material contains content about health, environment, science, as well as social issues and curiosities


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Teachers and students from the state education network can now access the 38th edition of Jornal Lupa, which aims to support activities throughout the educational process. Released last Wednesday (27/3), the periodical from the State Department of Education of Minas Gerais (SEE/MG) offers teachers comprehensive content on health, the environment, science, as well as social issues and curiosities.

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The editions of Jornal Lupa are part of the Pedagogical Learning Support Material (Mapa), a set of materials developed by the School of Training and Professional Development of Educators at SEE/MG. In addition to Jornal Lupa, Mapa-MG includes other resources such as Course Plans, Map Notebooks and the Se Liga na Educação Class Program.

Lupa Newspaper

Jornal Lupa complements Cadernos Mapa, emphasizing work in different genres and textual typologies. This material is made available biweekly and consists of an edition of the newspaper accompanied by an activity booklet. The notebook is prepared from previous newspapers, serving as support and reinforcement of the skills provided for in the Course Plan, developed from the Minas Gerais Reference Curriculum (CRMG).

The material is an excellent tool for introducing students to the universe of textual genres. By reading news, reports, chronicles, interviews and other formats present in the newspaper, students can expand their reading and interpretation skills, in addition to developing the ability to produce texts in different styles. Using the newspaper as a teaching resource, teachers can explore a variety of activities in the classroom, including news analysis, production of reports, debates, discussions, interpretation and creation of comic strips and cartoons.

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