Rio has 4 thousand job, internship and young apprentice vacancies. See how to apply

Rio has 4 thousand job, internship and young apprentice vacancies. See how to apply
Rio has 4 thousand job, internship and young apprentice vacancies. See how to apply

The State of Rio begins the month of April with 4,434 vacancies open for all levels of education. Throughout the Metropolitan Region, there are 2,038 job vacancies, in addition to 2,396 internship and young apprentice opportunities for those who are still studying. Salaries reach R$.

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In the city of Rio, the Municipal Department of Labor and Income gathered 997 job vacancies. Of the total, there are 673 vacancies for workers in general and 324 for people with disabilities.

There are vacancies for residential housekeepers, electronics technician assistants, administrative assistants, legal assistants, construction workers, ticket agents and nurses, among many others. There are also internship opportunities in areas such as Production Engineering, Accounting, Pedagogy and Nutrition.

Candidates can register online (click here). Those who do not have easy access to the internet can register by going to one of the seven service stations, bringing their ID, CPF, PIS and CV. They are open from 8am to 4pm and are located in Campo Grande (Rua Coxilha s/nº); Engenho Novo (Rua Vinte Quatro de Maio 931), Ilha do Governador (Estrada do Dendê 2,080), Jacarepaguá (Avenida Geremário Dantas 1,400, rooms 172 and 173), Santa Cruz (Rua Lopes de Moura 58), Tijuca (Rua Camaragibe 25) and Centro (Avenida Presidente Vargas 1997, in Ciad) – which was exclusively for people with disabilities and now also serves workers in general.

People with disabilities also have the option of sending their CV to the email [email protected] or attending the Ciad.

  • National Council of Justice opens competition with 60 vacancies. Salaries vary between R$8,529 and R$13,994

In other parts of the state, the State Department of Labor and Income brings together 1,041 job opportunities. The Metropolitan Region of Rio has the largest number of opportunities: there are 918 vacancies for different levels of education.

Among them there are 293 positions aimed at people with disabilities (PwD). Also noteworthy are the roles of kitchen assistant, cafeteria attendant and sales promoter.

In any case, to apply, it is important to have an updated registration and CV in the National Employment System (Sine), which analyzes the candidate’s profile and the vacancy registered by the employer. Just go to a Sine unit, taking your civil identification documents, work card, PIS/Pasep/NIT/NIS and CPF.

For those who study

A Mudes Foundation announces 984 internship vacancies at higher, secondary and technical levels, with scholarships reaching R$2,000. The higher education careers with the highest number of vacancies are Administration (81), Accounting Sciences (42) and Social Communication (13). The opportunities allocated to the Young Apprentice program total 48 places. To apply, simply access the entity’s website.

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At the Business-School Integration Center (CIEE Rio), 1,412 vacancies are offered. Of these, 845 are for higher education students, in courses such as Administration, Pedagogy, Engineering, Social Communication, Marketing and Law. There are also 567 vacancies for secondary and technical levels, as well as young apprentices.

The vacancies are distributed in ten cities in different parts of the state: Barra Mansa, Campos dos Goytacazes, Duque de Caxias, Macaé, Niterói, Nova Friburgo, Nova Iguaçu, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro and Teresópolis. Interested parties must register or update their data on the website

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