Court extends arrest of accused of killing lawyer in Rio


The Rio Court extended, for another 30 days, the temporary detention of those accused of killing lawyer Rodrigo Marinho Crespo, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, on February 26th. The decision was taken by the 3rd Criminal Court of the Capital.

According to the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, the extension of the arrest of military police officer Leandro Machado da Silva, Eduardo Sobreira Moraes and Cezar Daniel Mondêgo de Souza was requested to carry out further investigations into the case, such as the clarification of the crime, completion of the analysis of the seized material and the possible participation of other people in the murder.

Military police Leandro Machado da Silva and Eduardo Sobreira Moraes are accused of participating in the murder of a lawyer in Rio (Photo: Reproduction)

Understand the crime

Lawyer Rodrigo Marinho, killed in Rio (Photo: Reproduction)

Rodrigo Marinho Crespo, 42 years old, was killed when he went out to have a snack, on Avenida Marechal Câmara, in the center of Rio, close to the OAB building.

At the time, a hooded man got out of a car, called him by name and shot him. In total, the criminal fired 10 shots. Rodrigo did not survive his injuries and died at the scene. At least 16 shots were fired.

Rodrigo graduated from PUC-RJ in 2005 and specialized in Civil Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. The lawyer was also a founding partner of Marinho & Lima Advogados.

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