City Hall opens Youth Space in the Jacarezinho favela


The Jacarezinho unit begins its activities with the offer of 500 places for courses – João Matheus (Rio City Hall)

The favela Jacarezinhoat North Zone of the city, won the sixth unit of Rio de Janeiro City Hall Youth Space. The inauguration took place this Monday, April 1st. The Youth Space is an initiative of Special Secretariat for Youth in Rio (JUVRio) and aims to professionally qualify young people between 15 and 29 years old for opportunities in the Industry 4.0.

“This is the sixth Youth Space, which is a network of public facilities aimed at training and qualifying young people for the Industry 4.0 market. Each of these pieces of equipment has the capacity to serve up to 500 young people per month and is a legacy that we leave for the city of Rio”, explained the Youth Secretary, Salvino Oliveira.

500 places will be offered, divided between the courses IT for Business It is Mobile Programming. Registration can be made until Wednesday, the 3rd, on the secretariat’s social networks. The class period runs from April 4th to 30th, with classes from Monday to Friday. At the end of the courses, students will receive certificates of completion.

On site, courses will be offered in Digital Media, Advanced Industry and IT for Business, Sound Industry (DJ), Robotics, Mobile Programming, Game Design, 3D Printing and Drone Operator. In total, more than 10 thousand students have been trained since its inauguration in 2022.

At just 16 years old, the student Isabela Veiga Coutinho will be one of the beneficiaries of the program. According to the young woman, who lives in Jacarezinho, she will be able to qualify professionally, saving time and money.

“It will make it easier for me, because I took the course at Estácio’s Youth Space, which is a little far away. As I’m now living in Jacarezinho, right back here, it’s easier to take the courses. I’m thinking about working with images, so the drone operator course will help a lot”, said Isabela.

Launched in 2022, the project already has units in Estácio, God’s city, Vicar General, Small Vargem It is Madureira. The teaching methodology of Espaço Juventude aims to develop critical, collaborative, investigative, creative, entrepreneurial and authorial sense in young people.


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