SC will receive 21,655 new doses of dengue vaccine to expand vaccination

SC will receive 21,655 new doses of dengue vaccine to expand vaccination
SC will receive 21,655 new doses of dengue vaccine to expand vaccination

04/01/2024 8:07 pm

The doses will now be applied in 32 municipalities in the state

Vaccination against dengue will be expanded in Santa Catarina to the Greater Florianópolis region. The expansion will occur as soon as the state receives new doses of the vaccine, which should arrive in April, according to the Ministry of Health (MS). The decision was announced by the federal agency, through a Technical Note, and aims to increase the target population’s access to vaccination and make the application of doses more agile.

Check here the Technical Note from the Ministry of Health

Previously, immunization was being carried out in children and adolescents aged 10 to 14 in only 13 municipalities in the Northeast region of the state. Now, with the expansion to Greater Florianópolis, the doses will be applied in 32 municipalities in the state (see list below). The age range remains the same.

According to the Operational Technical Report of the Dengue Vaccination Strategy in 2024, from the MS, “large municipalities (population greater than or equal to 100 thousand inhabitants) with high dengue transmission in recent years were selected to receive doses of the vaccine. 10 years, including the other municipalities in their coverage health regions, regardless of population size, ordered by the predominance of the DENV-2 serotype (recent reemergence) and by the highest number of cases in the 2023/2024 monitoring (SE-27/2023 at SE-02/2024).

According to a survey by the Santa Catarina Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate (DIVE) until this Monday, April 1st, 17,724 children and adolescents aged 10 to 14 years old were vaccinated in the state with the first dose (D1), vaccination coverage of 24.80%. The target recommended by the Ministry of Health is to vaccinate at least 90% of the total public.

For the director of DIVE, João Augusto Brancher Fuck, parents and guardians should take advantage of the opportunity to protect their children from the disease, but he remembers that this is just another strategy to combat dengue. “Our appeal continues to be for the entire population to inspect their backyard, school, workplace and remove any object that could accumulate water”, highlights the director.

Vaccination against dengue began on February 24th in the city of Joinville. The other cities in the Northeast region began vaccinating between the 26th and 27th of February. To date, Santa Catarina has received only one shipment of vaccines in February, a total of 29,100 doses.

The dengue vaccine is administered in a two-dose schedule (dose 1 + dose 2) with an interval of three months between doses. Immunization aims to reduce hospitalizations and deaths from the disease. To check vaccination locations and times, parents and guardians should contact the health department of the municipality where they live.


Municipalities in Greater Florianópolis that will receive the dengue vaccine and number of doses that will be distributed

Florianópolis: 7,785 doses

São José: 4,293 doses

Palhoça: 4,150 doses

Biguaçu: 1,359 doses

Tijucas: 960 doses

Saint John the Baptist: 602 doses

Garopaba: 505 doses

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz: 462 doses

Governor Celso Ramos: 290 doses

Cinnamon: 244 doses

Antônio Carlos: 212 doses

Nova Trento: 204 doses

Paulo Lopes: 158 doses

Aguas Mornas: 101 doses

Angelina: 86 doses

São Pedro de Alcântara: 85 doses

Anitapolis: 63 doses

Rancho Queimado: 60 servings

Saint Boniface: 36 doses

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Source: Newsroom/State Government. Photo: Ricardo Wolffenbüttel/ Secom

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