Iema launches Ordinary Licensing in the Environmental Licensing System


The State Institute of Environment and Water Resources (Iema) launched, this Monday (1st), the Ordinary Licensing module in Iema Digital, the agency’s Environmental Licensing System. Now, Ordinary Licensing applications will be carried out digitally, via the internet, thus joining the Simplified Licensing and Licensing Exemption, which have already been operating in this format since the beginning of last year.

Governor Renato Casagrande participated in the launch and highlighted the importance of this further advance in the digitalization of services provided by the State Government. “This is an important step we are taking. The new process brings transparency and agility, so we don’t waste time with the physical process. But we still have many tasks. We want to value and give due importance to this body, which is crucial in preserving our State’s natural resources,” he stated.

“I thank the governor for supporting and encouraging the search for digitalization of our services. In particular, I would like to thank our team at Iema who worked tirelessly to achieve this delivery. It was our analysts who sought, in all environmental agencies in Brazil, a system model to use in environmental licensing here. Afterwards, the Iema team worked with the developers to customize and specify the system, to provide a quality service to society”, said the CEO of Iema, Alaimar Fiuza.

The Secretary of State for the Environment and Water Resources, Felipe Rigoni, also emphasized the importance of the digital licensing system. “What we are doing here in Espírito Santo is an important advance. We are modernizing processes and making life easier for Espírito Santo citizens. The delivery of Iema Digital represents a lot for our state. I want to congratulate Iema for this important contribution to the environment”, he said.

Iema Digital

With this, as is already done in the cases of Simplified Licensing and Licensing Exemption, citizens and companies will make the application directly through the system, which also provides the intelligent protocol, enabling the evaluation of the application documents digitally. Furthermore, technical analysis, approval and issuance of licenses are also carried out electronically.

Among the benefits of Iema Digital are the possibility for citizens and companies to apply, follow the process and receive the license via the system. Furthermore, it facilitates communication between Iema and the entrepreneur, allows the monitoring of conditions, allows the standardization of documents and information in the licensing process and brings more transparency, efficiency and improvements in resource management.

This is another stage of the Iema Digital program. Since January 2023, the agency has already been using the system internally, with the Inspection module. In February 2023, it was time to start using the Simplified Licensing and Licensing Waiver modules. With the implementation of Ordinary Licensing, the next step is to integrate the EIA/RIMA module into the system.


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