How much SC companies listed on the stock exchange earned and profited in 2023


Santa Catarina companies listed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange had a year of 2023 marked by ups and downs. While some increased revenue and made more profits, others suffered a drop in results. There were still those who were in the red, but at least they reduced their losses compared to 2022.

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From the State, 20 companies trade shares on B3 and, as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), they need to disclose complete annual financial statements – a deadline that ends this Monday (1st).

A survey carried out by the column based on previously published balance sheets shows that this group of companies recorded a combined net operating revenue of R$ 133.1 billion in 2023, a slight increase of 2% compared to 2022. From the list, 10 companies recorded growth in the indicator, while 10 had a drop.

The combined net profit was R$9.6 billion, an increase of around 60%. The readings of the balance sheets and the justifications presented point to something in common in most companies: there was more effort to contain costs to improve operating margins, which in many cases helped to compensate for stagnant revenues.

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See how much companies made and profited in 2023

BRF – Net revenue: R$53.6 billion (-0.35%). Net loss: R$1.86 billion, which had been R$3.1 billion in 2022 (Photo: Disclosure)

WEG – Net revenue: R$32.5 billion (+8.7%). Net profit: R$5.7 billion (+36.2%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Tupy – Net revenue: R$ 11.3 billion (+11.7%). Net profit: R$517 million (+2.95%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Engie Brasil – Net revenue: R$ 10.7 billion (-9.7%). Net profit: R$3.4 billion (+28.6%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Celesc – Net revenue: R$ 10.4 billion (+5.1%). Net profit: R$557 million (+3%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Intelbras – Net revenue: R$4.1 billion (-3%). Net profit: R$545.5 million (+13.8%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Portobello – Net revenue: R$2.1 billion (-0.27%). Net loss: R$35.1 million. In 2022, it had a profit of R$153 million (Photo: Disclosure)

Schulz – Net revenue: R$ 1.92 billion (-8%). Net profit: R$277.9 million (+2.9%) (Photo: Rodrigo Philipps, NSC Total Archive)

Casan – Net revenue: R$1.63 billion (+15.9%). Net profit: R$50.7 million (-44.8%) (Photo: NSC Total Archive)

Statkraft – Net revenue: R$ 944.6 million (+9.6%). Net profit: R$380.9 million (+60.2%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Karsten – Net revenue: R$667.9 million (+9%). Net profit: R$42.1 million. It had a loss of R$21.6 million in 2022 (Photo: Disclosure)

Dohler – Net revenue: R$618.1 million (-2.7%). Net profit: R$467 thousand (-86.5%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Metisa – Net revenue: R$572.8 million (-28.2%). Net profit: R$87.2 million (-4.9%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Altona – Net revenue: R$495.4 million (+0.7%). Net profit: R$49.3 million (+33.2%) (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues, NSC Total Archive)

Metalúrgica Riosulense – Net revenue: R$ 341.4 million (-13.2%). Net profit: R$54.1 million (-18.7%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Teka – Net revenue: R$297.6 million (+11.8%). Net loss: R$151.5 million. It had a loss of R$160 million in 2022 (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues, NSC Total Archive)

Neogrid – Net revenue: R$ 268.3 million (+1%). Net profit: R$ 1.01 million (-92.3%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Wetzel – Net revenue: R$268 million (-8.5%). Net loss: R$25.3 million. It had a profit of R$30 million in 2022 (Photo: Disclosure)

Renauxview – Net revenue: R$ 132.7 million (-37.5%). Net profit: R$16.7 million (+1,391%) (Photo: Disclosure)

Pomifrutas – Net revenue: R$ 7.5 million (+31.8%). Net loss: R$5.44 million. It had a loss of R$5.2 million (Photo: Disclosure)

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In general terms, companies report that 2023 was a challenging year due to the internal situation – a change of government and the establishment of a new economic guideline tend to put businesses on hold – and due to challenges in the international market, with rising inflation in many countries. countries. Most of them say they are optimistic about the prospects for an improvement in the scenario and the emergence of new opportunities in 2024.


Although revenue and net profit are important economic indicators, companies’ balance sheets are also affected by tax and accounting issues, among other variables that also affect the financial health of a business.

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