Last stage of the vaccination campaign against foot-and-mouth disease begins in eight municipalities in AM


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This Monday (01/04), the second and final stage of the vaccination campaign against foot-and-mouth disease begins in eight municipalities, the official launch of which took place at Fazenda São José, in Presidente Figueiredo (117 kilometers from Manaus). Cattle farmers in the cities of Presidente Figueiredo, Barcelos, Carauari, Juruá, Novo Airão, Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, São Gabriel da Cachoeira and the headquarters of Tapauá must vaccinate by April 30th and notify Adaf by May 15th.

At the same time, the 41 municipalities involved in the first stage also continue vaccinating until the 30th, so that vaccination will be completed throughout the state by that date. “From then on, the entire Amazon will be considered free of foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination, but the status will only be confirmed if we exceed the target of 95% vaccination coverage”, said the CEO of Adaf, José Omena.

Presidente Figueiredo has a herd of approximately 12 thousand animals, including cattle and buffaloes, being the largest among the eight involved in this stage. In total, the eight municipalities have 18,700 animals.

Producer José Mário Resende, owner of Fazenda Agroindustrial São José, recognized Adaf’s commitment, not only in eradicating foot-and-mouth disease, but in the general support it provides to the primary sector. “The challenges are enormous, but we are moving forward step by step.”

For livestock farmer Hermenegildo Barroso da Silva, from Presidente Figueiredo, not having to vaccinate the herd is a dream of every producer, especially small ones like him. “The vaccine itself is cheap, but vaccinating is not simple. It is an expense that requires investment, people, it is an additional obstacle and we know that, in Amazonas, this is not easy. Therefore, we have to do our part so that this really is the last vaccination,” he said.

The Secretary of Rural Production of the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo, Inês Sampaio, who represented Mayor Patrícia Lopes, reaffirmed the City Hall’s partnership with bodies linked to the primary sector and ensures that the municipality is committed to ensuring that the vaccination target is exceeded in Presidente Figueiredo.

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