ES Government – Prison system manufactures children’s clothes to donate to rain victims

ES Government – Prison system manufactures children’s clothes to donate to rain victims
ES Government – Prison system manufactures children’s clothes to donate to rain victims

Around four thousand pieces of children’s clothing were produced in the Espírito Santo prison system for donation to victims affected by heavy rains in the south of the state. The pieces were made with textile waste from the prison units’ sewing factories.

Among the materials donated are shirts, shorts, children’s cold weather sets and other items such as backpacks, rugs, bags and amigurumis, crochet dolls. In addition to donations to the affected population, 31 pet beds were also made for dogs and cats in the region.

The materials were produced by inmates who work in the Sewing the Future Project, which is responsible for making all the uniforms used by the State’s prison population. The project’s factories are installed in the Vila Velha 1 State Penitentiary (PEVV1), Vila Velha State Penitentiary (PEVV2) and Colatina Medium Security Penitentiary (PSMECOL).

The Secretary of State for Justice, Rafael Pacheco, explains that the donations are coordinated by the State Government, through the ES Solidário Program. “We gathered the donations at the headquarters of the Military Fire Department (CBMES), to be delivered to victims of the rains in Mimoso do Sul and other municipalities in the region. We use waste scraps from prison factories to produce clothing and other accessories. It’s the way we found to bring help and solidarity to those who need it most at this time. These are materials made with total quality and reuse”, said Rafael Pacheco.

Three trucks from the Espírito Santo Penal Police (PPES) help deliver donations to the affected municipalities, in conjunction with CBMES.

To support the aid actions carried out by the State Government, prison units also receive donations of essential products for flood victims. Donations collected are taken to ES Solidário delivery points.

Find out how to help assemble humanitarian aid kits:

Tablet soap
Children’s Toothbrush
Adult Toothbrush
Adult Cream Toothpaste (90g pack)
Children’s Cream Toothpaste (90 g pack)
Toilet Paper (Pack of 4 Rolls)
Bath towel

Bleach water (5 liter plastic bottle)
Powdered Soap (5kg packaging)
Plastic Bucket (Minimum capacity of 20 L)
Broom in Piaçava
Simple Squeegee with Plastic Base
Floor cloth
Cleaning Brush
Double Sided Dish Sponge (pack of 4 sponges)
Multipurpose Bar Soap (pack of 5 units of 200g)
Plastic Waste Bag (capacity for 100 L and 20 kg, black)

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