IBGE starts new season of research on AL companies


Starting this Monday (1st), the team from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) will begin the regular period of collecting Structural Surveys in Companies (PEEs) in 4,193 establishments.

PEEs include a variety of information, such as economic and financial, allowing the estimation of the structural characteristics of the business segment in the country.

Furthermore, the survey provides monitoring of the evolution of this scenario over time in crucial sectors of the economy, such as Industry (extractive and transformation), Construction, Commerce and Services.

Data collection for PEEs can occur in person or remotely (via the internet, social networks, email or telephone), covering companies, offices and outsourced accounting professionals.

In the year 2023, the research sample included 3,903 companies. Of these, 1,497 were added for the first time, representing approximately 38% of the total. Around 10% of the companies approached chose not to send the questionnaire to IBGE, being considered “veiled refusals”.

*with information from consultancy.

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