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Coelba announces investment projects and works to meet the demands of the producing class in Western Bahia

Published: April 1, 2024

Construction of 10 new substations and expansion of 16 existing ones are the main highlights

Rural producers in Western Bahia were informed about Coelba’s investment plans and works to strengthen the regional agricultural sector. In a meeting held this past Tuesday (26/03), in Barreiras, the president of Coelba, Thiago Freire Guth, and his technical team presented the State Investment Plan and the Works Plan for the 2024/2027 cycle, highlighting the actions planned for the region.

“We propose to carry out this work together with the associations, listen to the customer’s needs, make our internal investment effort and work together to resolve problems with transparency so that we can improve service here in the region. Today the biggest challenge is the construction, over the next four years, of 10 substations in the region”said Guth.

Among the main highlights is the construction of 10 new substations, the expansion of 16 existing substations, the implementation of 635 kilometers of high voltage lines and the expansion of 70% of electrical power. These initiatives aim to meet the growing demands of local agribusiness, ensuring a more stable and efficient energy supply.

In previous meetings, feasibility issues for connection studies in the West region were discussed, in addition to the quality of the electrical network. For Luiz Carlos Bergamaschi, president of the Bahian Association of Cotton Producers (Abapa), the presence of Coelba’s presidency in the region demonstrates the attention to the sector. “This is the second time that the president of Coelba is here bringing answers and announcing investments, we hope that this will serve the producer both in terms of the quantity he needs and the quality. Energy has held back the development of the region and many investments have been repressed, but this first step, based on a relationship of trust, brings hope of continuity and of meeting other demands that are important for our sector”he said.

Moisés Schmidt, vice-president of the Association of Farmers and Irrigators of Bahia (Aiba), considered the moment positive for local agribusiness. He highlighted that the actions promise to leave paper and become reality, meeting existing needs. “From now on, with transparency and Coelba’s participation in the production sector, we will be able to meet the demands of Western agribusiness in Bahia”he highlighted.

The event ended with an agenda of new meetings to be held in the coming months where the updated schedule of works and investments will be presented.

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