Meeting will present public lighting project to DF managers

Meeting will present public lighting project to DF managers
Meeting will present public lighting project to DF managers

With the theme “Brasília City of Light”, Companhia Energética de Brasília (CEB) is holding a meeting this Tuesday (2) for secretaries of state of the Federal District and regional administrators. The event aims to present the Nova Concessão Public Lighting Project for CEB Ipes.

In addition to learning about the main changes that will take place in the company following the concession and understanding how the Company’s new structure will work, participants will have the opportunity to clarify doubts and understand how they can help the local community in matters relating to quality public lighting services. The event will be held in the auditorium of the Ion Building – Inteligentes Offices.

The 1st CEB-Regional Administrations Meeting of 2024, this Tuesday (2), will have the theme Brasília Cidade Luz | Photo: Joel Rodrigues/Agência Brasília

CEB Ipes is responsible for the modernization, efficiency and expansion of the entire public lighting park in the Federal District, for the next 30 years. The concession was established by District Law No. 7,275/2023.

Currently, the Federal District’s lighting park has more than 300,000 points serving around 3 million inhabitants. The goal is to ensure that the city is fully lit with LED technology by the end of 2026.


1st CEB-Regional Administrations Meeting of 2024

• Theme: Brasília City of Light
• Time: 3pm
• Location: Auditorium of the Ion Building – Smart Offices, located at SGAN 601, block H, basement.

*With information from CEB Ipes

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