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After Rio Branco suffered the second biggest flood in its history, with thousands of people affected and left homeless, the Acre River should continue to give the population “headaches”.

After a lot of water, the concern now is about a lot of drought. The prospect is that Rio Branco will face one of the biggest droughts in the capital of Acre, worse than the one in 2023, which was considered historic.

Some signs of what the residents of Rio Branco must face are being given this April 1st. Since yesterday, the spring level has been below the level of 5 meters, which is considered extremely worrying for the period. In the measurement taken at 6 am today, the level of the Acre River is 4.78 m. In a comparison like last year, on April 1, 2023, the level was 17.72, which represents 13 meters higher than the current level.

“Unfortunately, it is a very big difference. The expectation, unfortunately, is that this year we will have one of the biggest droughts in our history, we already have these signs and at the beginning of April, below 5 meters is below expectations and it will be very complicated for all of us this year in relation to the drought ”, says Cláudio Falcão, coordinator of Rio Branco’s Civil Defense.

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